Recreate a video from stills?

Hi there!
I am new to Shotcut and very excited to be here. I have already played around with the software and figured out quite a bit.

There is one problem though that I need assistance with and can’t find an answer here on the forum.

My harddrive failed a while ago ( don’t ask about the backup !! ) and I managed to rescue the largest part of photos and videos. However, a number of videos were saved as stills, lots and lots of stills. I would like to use Shotcut to recreate these videos ( without audio ), but am having trouble with the correct fps and adjusting it so that it plays smoothly. I know that I have to load the first still to the playlist, adjust the duration and save it. After that import the rest of stills and they will have the same “new” duration. I still can’t seem to find the right setting. For instance, I set the fps in Settings to 24fps and the duration to 1sec 23 fps, but still no luck. Tried the same with higher fps, still no luck. I read on here that the duration 00:00:00:00 is in fact hour:minutes:seconds:fps. Is this correct?

Has anyone here recreated videos from stills that originally came from a video?

Thanks in advance,

First, set your video mode

Then, you do not want to import each image separately. Open the first one, go to Properties, and click the Image Sequence check box assuming your files are named with a number sequence. If not, then use your file manager to bulk rename them, and it should add a number.

If you are not interested in an image sequence then see

Thank you so much for your help. Appreciate it. Worked and all well!! :+1:

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Thanks for your quick reply and help. Appreciate it!

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