Slideshow Generator

Slideshow Generator makes it easy to add more than one image or clip to the timeline and automatically:

  • fill the frame,
  • make a smooth zoom animation for still images, and
  • add a transition between each item.

Steps to Follow

  1. Open the Playlist panel
  2. Add your selected images
  3. Drag within Playlist (or use sort in its menu) to the desired order
  4. Select the images or videos to add to the slideshow: hold Shift to select a range or Control (Command on macOS) to select individually
  5. Click the menu button at the bottom of the Playlist panel image
  6. Choose Add selected to Slideshow
  7. The Slideshow Generator dialog opens
  8. Adjust the settings and click OK
  9. Your images are added to the current track on the Timeline (a video track is added automatically if it was empty)

Some Use Cases and Suggestions

  • Make a video loop for an information screen.
  • Show off holiday or travel photos.
  • You can now use the usual timeline editing methods to adjust the images and durations as required.
  • If trying to fit a number of slides to an existing audio track:
    Estimate the slide duration (Length of track / number of slides) and use this in the add dialog. If its too short or long, undo and repeat with a modified timing. Adjust the duration of the first or last clips for small adjustments.
  • Set Zoom effect to 0 to turn it off. This is advised if most of the clips are videos or music.
  • Use music files and set Clip duration very high to make a music bed track that cross-fades between each song. The resulting clip duration is automatically limited to the clip duration and Clip duration acts as the maximum duration.

Great work. Thats a bit more elegent than the clunky utility that I wrote. :slight_smile:

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Beware that “Clip duration” is in fact the duration of every still.
Be careful to re-select the stills you want. The blue-ish ones (selected) may be in fact not selected at all (coming from a previous action).
You can’t select the duration per still you want. 0,2s is possible, 0,25s (6 frames at 24fps) is not.
version 20.11.28

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