New Transitions

I know that there are a lot of transitions but it would be brilliant to have some more, as in a spin transition. I am using shotcut for montages and things like that

You can use custom transitions in Shotcut. Scroll down in the Resources page on the Shotcut website and you’ll see “Transitions” and it’ll give you several links to custom made transitions that you can download and use. That includes ones made by users on this forum which is the link that says “Shotcut user contributions on GitHUb”.

Also, you can use the Swirl filter on a transition clip to do a type of spin transition.

Also, you can go to @Elusien’s Gl transitions site and find even more transitions. The rotate_scale_fade transition does a good job of spinning images.

I also recommend the @Elusien’s GL transitions page as mentioned by @sauron. @sauron posted a great demo here:

Also try this:

May I also point you to this thread (turned out to be very long!) which may provide some useful reading/further info:

that’s fantastic but how do you transport it onto shotcut

After you create the transition clip, you go to its Properties tab and in the Video drop down menu you go to “Custom”. There you choose the file for the custom transition that you have downloaded and saved in your computer.

For Elusien’s transitions, the instructions are on the website that sauron linked you to.

Hi @TaZexCaT

Also, If you go to this thread again:

and scroll down to the 6th post:

@sauron kindly made a zip file with all @elusien’s GL transitions in HTML file format.

You can then choose which effect you want and apply the HTML file to the transition as per sauron’s instructions. It’s really easy to do!