15 GL transitions made with Shotcut

A few GL transitions that can be done with filters and key framing.


Is there any chance of getting this one in the near future?


That is very nice, but I am sure people will want to know how. :slight_smile:
Some are redundant with the wipes already available.

I am not going to add all of these as filters in Shotcut release. As I already wrote before, they will be integrated as transitions, but in order to do so I need to rewrite a majority of the transition UI code that will make them extensible ala the filters.

Not asking to add all of these as filters. Perhaps a few good ones can be made available as overlays.

I’ll post a few presets.

Speaking of presets, @shotcut, you should consider adding the camera spin that sauron did sometime back:

One preset going clockwise and another other going counterclockwise. :slight_smile:

I do not have them and don’t want to take the time to recreate them. They should be submitted on GitHub.

I was thinking it was just a matter of sharing the keyframe settings here and you adding them kind of like the Shake preset that was added before.

Good demo, @sauron - nicely presented. Just to be clear - were they all done with keyframing s/p and mask filters, or did you do some with the GL transitions code? And was the opening title animation done with Elusien’s WebVfx defrag feature? Just wondered. Thanks for sending it in!

All done with S&P, mask from file, and mask simple shape. Haven’t figured out how to use the GL code.:disappointed:

Yes it was. Added a mask filter to make the defrag a bit contained. Really like the Elusien effect.:grin:

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