How to update broken links?

What I mean is that after making a project with elements in the tracks, I changed the location of some of the elements/files. Now Shotcut cannot find them of course. Is there a way to tell Shotcut where they are now?
If not, just dragging them in the Playlist will do?



Never mind!
When the project is opened, you’re presented with a pop-up window called Missing Files. It tells you that you can double-click on each of the missing files to update their location.
I love Shotcut!

Good to note:
As seen in the image, be sure to open the window wide enough to see the replacements.

I’d be interested in watching that video, lol.
Love watching Astroneer.
Thinking of buying the game.
Feel free to message me your video channel if you’re on YouTube.

You are very observant :slight_smile:
Yes, I happen to run a YT channel called Astroneer Tips.
I am so glad you asked :wink:

Obviously, I’m biased, but I strongly recommend it if you like survival/sand-box kind of games. What sets it apart from the rest is its cartoonish style, and very beautiful landscapes and scenery. It’s just a pleasure to play. It’s perfect after a long day at work, when all you want is just to relax gathering some resources while listening to its immersive Ambient music. Or maybe you feel like having a little adventure exploring, alone, or with friends.
I hope you’ll like my videos. I only have a few so far. I am trying to release them every week.
Unfortunately Windows 10 October updates side effects are slowing me down :frowning: Last week I couldn’t load Windows 10 at all. Now I can’t drag files, nor copy/paste anything. I may have to install Linux Mint sooner than I thought (I just got this computer 3 days ago).

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Love the videos… very well done and thought out.
Subscribed with the bell tick marked.

Make you add your channel here so others might also follow it.

Thanks a whole bunch for that nice tip and invitation Hudson555x :slight_smile:
I did follow on that for sure!
Thanks for the subscription, I did the same :wink:

See you around!

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