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I suppose I can post here now since there’s a reasonable amount of content to view. The channel that takes up most of my time is Autistamatic. It’s a channel devoted to Autistic advocacy and explaining the truth about autism from an insider’s perspective to both other people on the spectrum and those outside. Thanks to Shotcut I’ve been able to work to production values that exceed most of the other advocacy channels on Youtube, and whilst it’s still early days yet, the feedback I’ve received has been massively positive :slight_smile:


How’s it going guys/gals. Still new to video editing (just over a year) and still haven’t used anything else but Shotcut. I think its a great program!!! But here is my latest video all edited with shotcut.


My girlfriend got me the Adidas NMD CS2 Stealth shoes for Christmas, and I’m loving them.

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They are comfy as heck

Picture show featuring music by Muse.


Hi all fellow Shotcut lovers/users!

I learned about this thread thanks to Hudson555x. While helping me he was observant enough to catch that I have a YouTube channel (as most of us Shotcut users I guess). So, naturally, he invited me over!

My channel is about a video game called Astroneer, so my channel is called Astroneer Tips.
If you like video games where you can explore and create many things you’ll love this game!
I hope you’ll like my channel, if so, don’t forget to subscribe! and give it a like please :slight_smile:


Short video made using a few filters that Shotcut users have created front ends for. The filters are not included in the standard Shotcut installation and might never be included.

Just a short demo.


WOW!!! What a brilliant example of the new filters.

I enjoy doing the coding necessary to incorporate these types of filters into the app and seeing the brilliant results that more experienced video editors can produce with them is great.


Nice demo showcasing the effects, @sauron!!!


Filters are added at your discretion. You might not like them or see the need to have them added to the install package.

I love the use of filters with keyframes, synchronized with music.:grinning:
I imagine that you use as orientation, the peaks of the audio waveform.
Your video is great. A good example of a combination of filters with amazing results.
I have this song waiting to play it on bass at Rocksmith 2014 Remastered.
It was the first song I tried to play.

You show the carrot and hide it. Hahaha.
How can we find these Baltan-Sobel-Posterize-Emboss filters?
On the other hand, they look great in your video.

Although I started my modest channel editing the videos with commercial software since I discovered Shotcut I have not used another video editor.
My Channel on YouTube is a channel to share my progress playing the bass (sometimes the guitar).
The usefulness of my channel is, mainly, to share in a forum specialized in the Ubisoft Rocksmith game.
I create other videos by testing filters in Shotcut, but since they are not related to the rest of the contents of the Channel, I have hidden them.
Surely I should create another channel for this, however, it is not a priority now for me.
This Channel is not a great thing, because the content is monolithic, but it serves my purposes.

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They are not hidden at all. You can find them if you search the forum.
They are also available here.


I assumed that looking for these names, associating with word filter and Shotcut, would give some result (in the forum in some search engine).
It was just a teasing way to break the ice.:grin:
I hope I did not bother with my comment.
Sometimes jokes are not the same depending on the language.
Thanks for the link Sauron.

Not at all.:smile:


Here’s my channel. Every video has been made using Shotcut. I love how easy it was to use from a complete beginner standpoint. Transitions are easy to make, you can add a music track and clip the DB at -12 or whatever you want, change the contrast or colour grade the entire track or just a clip, so convenient and free.