Introduce Yourself And Your Youtube Channel

So safe bet that most people that use ShotCuts use it to edit and format the video.

Now Question - If you use this software, do you upload your videos to youtube?

If yes you do, introduce your self/ your Channel. This is a small community, trying to see what type of work are people producing.

I will start the intro, but providing my ch link, please do check it out and I am always looking forward to feedback.

Thanks all.


Hi, I’m not shy. :slight_smile: I can start this thread by sharing my YouTube Channels:

My general channel with my qudcopter flights, timelapses and other videos:

My electric longboard channel with my rinding videos:

Hope you enjoy the videos. :slight_smile:

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Nice Ch mate. good videos too. The time laps video that you had was great.

Well, now you got a new sub :slight_smile: ME :smiley:

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Side note: If anyone wants to sub and also provide feedback to some of my videos - Please do. always looking for input so i can improve my ch and video production.

I’m a little shy, but that’s mainly because I don’t think I’m that good… yet.

The main channel I’m running is focused on video games. I use Shotcut for my videos, though, it only really begins to show when I do more scripted videos (Like reviews or Opinion pieces). I Personally think that my best two videos are the ones on the Steam Controller and my Stance on Console/PC Gaming, though there are some others.

Let me know what you think:

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You are the creator and masters of our Youtube Channel. Be Proud and not shy of what you make.
Heck. I even made a video of how to chop an onion.

Side note: I did sub to your ch and will provide feedback directly on your videos.

Looking forward to your videos mate.
Take care

Well, I guess it won’t hurt to add my channel to this. X3 TBH I need to put my channel out there a bit more. I’m Quizfox, a small gaming Youtuber who mainly does Minecraft but does try and play anything else I have. I am sadly a little lazy and don’t post very frequently but I really do care to try my hardest when I do get to work. I’m always looking for ways to get content out that is, well, as interesting as I can make it. Been doing Youtube for 3+ years and I’m still trying to figure out what works for me. I’m always happy to hear feedback and suggestions so, if you got any well X3 the comments section is usually open for that very reason. Hope you enjoy! And thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: !

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Nice to meet a fellow gamer :slight_smile:
While you think your ch might be small, it makes a whole bunch of difference to your subs as they do look forward to your videos.

And guess what… I am now your newest sub :slight_smile:

PS: I do also play minecraft and have some videos related to it on my ch too along with videos about a minecraft look alike game :open_mouth:

:slight_smile: Thanks. I hope you enjoy watching! And I’ll see about checking your channel out soon as well.

Shotcut was the piece of the puzzle that helped me finally decide to start doing YouTube edited videos ( though lately I’ve been doing a lot more live-streaming ).

I do a lot of laptop, electronics and phone repairs, as well as software development.

I know what you mean Paul, I was using youtube editor but this is so much better :slight_smile:
Side note: pretty nice ch and I will say, you have the best job mate. Taking apart expensive and new phones and laptops AND getting paid for it.

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Only if I fix them :slight_smile: It is an excellent job though to have, couldn’t handle doing the 9-5 routine any more (instead it’s 10am~2am :smile: )

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The biggest problem with YouTube is the file compression. It adds large amounts of pixilation and other artifacts.
I found a tip that, I think, is a way to limit compression problems.

I started out with a Sena Prism camera mounted on my motorcycle camera. Nice POV but, I found out the hard way, not very good imagery - see Ride Creek Road or the Hawk Mountain videos. The camera shoots 1080p at 30 fps - OK for walking down the street, not so good for riding down the street. The signal processor/sensor combo have their problems, visible in raw footage. So… 1080@30fps straight to YouTube loses. (There’s one 720@60 fps video - Why All Gear All The Time? - that looks cleaner than 1080@30 fps)

I changed to a GoPro clone, SJCam SJ7 Star. Capable of 4K@30fps, it shoots 1080p @ 60fps. The Sony sensor and Ambarella processor give crisp video. Uploading 1080@60 fps is better, but YT still causes problems. Here comes the trick: transcode up to 4K. Compare the SJ7 demos to see the change. Bumping up Hawk Mountain Re-edit helped a bit, but the cardinal rule of signal processing is “if it ain’t there, you’re never gonna make it show up”.

The Leutasch demo is a clip from about 400G of video shot in the Alps. I think it’s about as clean as YT will allow.

Not too surprisingly, 4K files are usually huge or larger. To upload an 80G file, you must be a validated YouTube user, The process is simple, and free. Oh, and it helps to have a fast net connection. [/grin]

i love the hills man but i am in Florida where we have no hills. Thanks for making the videos as they are POV it gives the impression that I am the one driving the bike.

Oh, c’mon… Florida has hills. I’ve seen them! Mt Trashmore (can’t miss it for all the birds wheeling over it, looking for a meal) along I-95 north of North Palm Beach, for example. IIRC, in the northern panhandle you hit the lofty height of 600+ feet! Wowsers! [/big wink]

A lot of people shoot with the camera on top of their helmets. The POV is IMNSHO just plain wrong. Nobody rides with that POV except for the off-road folks standing on their pegs. Put a helmet on their heads and it’s still wrong.

In my case, the camera is slightly to the right of the bike’s center line, but the wide FOV effectively hides that. The placement of the windshield and “clocks” tips things off a bit but not enough to worry about. The hard part is securely mounting the camera and moving it to a point the keeps all or most of the helmet out of the frame.

I tried correcting for the lens’ distortion. Things like phone poles, with exaggerated perspective, look funny; I’ve passed on rectifying the footage.

ADDED: If anyone wants to critique what you see, please PM me via this forum or via YouTube. I have no illusions about being the best thing to hit the video world, but I try to produce something better than “home video”.
Cordially, R Hugh Kiddin (watch the videos to see my work and my name)

:expressionless: that is not a hill man, i mean as compared to the bike video you had lol. The hills over there are amazing. Which place?

Well. Since you ask. The bulk of the videos are local. The new stuff comes from the Alps.Here’s the overall trip.
The upcoming video covers a little more than the loop in the upper right corner. The demo clip is at the start of that loop.The area is called Leutasch (a little like a county name) or Leutasch Valley; it’s in Austria. Once I get the workflow sorted out, there’ll be a video with the highest road in the EU (9285’) and second highest in Europe. Woohoo!

Thats a long treck for sure.

The fun part was swimming to Europe with the bike on my back. :wink:

The total riding distance covered was 2110 km or roughly 1270 miles.

How long did it take?