Introduce Yourself And Your Youtube Channel


Just uploaded a video that I edited using ShotCut

NOT a pro video editor, but looking for tips to improve the video any help as always is appreciated:)


I left Munich on 3 July and came back on 10 July.

What say we do this conversation in PM - it’s kinda OT, I think.


Here’s a very short clip made with Shotcut.


I like the effect that you added to the video. How did you get the two tone thing?


It’s one video clip copied to 4 video tracks. Applied an invert color filter to the background track then used crop and size and position filters to isolate the drummer, singer and the piano. Also added an opacity filter to the singer just for grins.

That’s all. Just have too much time on my hands I guess.


Hey. I just started up a gaming channel. I have had two other gaming channels in the past though, so it’s not really like i’m new. Right now there are just a few videos. I upload every day, though.
It’s called Game Train.
My Channel


Gaming Buddies :slight_smile:
Portal and Rocket league. Well congrats mate, you got a new sub


Looking forward to your videos man.


Thats pretty cool. i will have to try it out also.
Thanks mate.


Mostly off-road motorbike related stuff. Have used various editors in the past but Shotcut fits the bill of being efficient.


I’ve been using SC for personal videos for sometime but more recently to edit video footage I shoot for the Music club I volunteer at.


Mate, you need to check out the post that RBEmerson made on this post. He also rides bikes. Well not off road, but mostly in mountains. Pretty cool and Nice ch, and good video editing also.


nothing like live music, while youtube video looks good, I bet the songs are amazing and fun to listen to in person.


oh, thanks a ton! here is more text so i can post this.


i make gaming videos and my yt is PandisThyPanda


mate for a young youtuber, your thumbnail is on point and videos are fun to watch. Keep up the good work.


Thx i like your videos too!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Lots of new goodies there to check out, thanks.

I’ve recently started making retro gaming YouTube videos for after writing for the blog for a couple of years. Only a tiny fraction of the videos on their channel are my work, but here’s my latest one made with Shotcut…

That got way out of hand - in the end I was hopping back and forth between 15 separate tracks because I wasn’t able to rename them and got a bit lost in the chaos. It did help me add new elements without effecting other parts of tracks though. No matter how focused you are on not dragging and dropping rather than cutting and pasting… weirdness happens.

I’ve done three videos with a proper, human voiceover now. Before that I made a few with a daft auto-generated robot voice… to a mixed/no reception. :wink:


I’ve been learning how to edit with Shotcut and I seem to be getting a little better at it. This is the most recent video I managed to put together… take a peek if you have time


Hi, I am new here. I just started using shotcut to edit my youtube videos. My channel is new. It is called Epicbro 64. Epicbro64’s purpose is to bring you entertainment with plush toys. Feel free to stop by and watch some of my videos that I put together using Shotcut. I’m not an expert, but I’m learning, Thanks! :grinning: