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Really nice video! :+1:


Cool channel. New sub. :sunglasses:


I’m just an old-school, retired software developer who enjoys putting together a modest video now and then. My most recent video made using Shotcut was created in order to allow fans of the classic rock group, “Mountain” better enjoy the group’s legendary performance of “Dreams of Milk and Honey” at the Fillmore East in 1971. Unfortunately, only the audio of this performance was recorded that night so what I did here was sync the audio from this performance with footage shot of the group performing the same song a year earlier at a different concert. Here’s the result:

Prior to that I produced a short video just in order to demonstrate a technique I had worked out using Blender; that being a technique to make something “crash” or “explode”. In this video, the entire background is just a still image. Everything you see moving in the main body of the video was animated in Blender. Here’s the video:

Earlier still, I produced a re-mix of Pascal Lemoine’s beautiful video of a galloping horse as a means of conveying a song I kind of produced accidentally about 25 years ago and just this year managed to piece together using the great software, Audacity. Here’s that video:

My first published video created using Shotcut was a realistic nuclear war prank:


I’m WPMikey from my YouTube channel Wet Programs. I’ve used this software for a small bit and I enjoy it thoroughly. We upload gaming videos and reviews, but we are open to suggestion for videos. Please look us up and check us out! Logo_1498171631859


I’m @schmitt32 on youtube and instagram etc. It’s me and my father’s business. We are just trying to market our product to woodworkers. I’m starting to try to make some more appealing content that isn’t directly related to our product.

I also have plans to start a new channel with a friend whenever we get a release date for fallout 5!


I have been using Shotcut since my first YouTube video. I’m super enthusiastic towards personal branding, thus I create this channel - Mike The Dope Toast to raise the awareness and share everything I know. This channel is a mix of Instagram, Social Media, Motivational and Art/Design.

Here’s my newest video edited right before I find out keyframes is now available, ecstatic!


Hi! I’m Rafe! I play bass and just started getting into the video aspect of it. I have a few videos that I cut with Shotcut. I’m still learning. Check them out if you’d like.


Hey I’m Adam i work on a gaming channel for One Piece Treasure Cruise. My name is Sekapoko @


Hi! I’m Rafa Laguna and all my videos are edited using Shotcut :smiley:
(It’s in Spanish)

I teach about Game Development on Twitch so I edit the resulting videos and upload them to Youtube. Also I play non-usual games :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,
I make all of my YouTube videos using Shotcut. I make goofy makeup videos. :slight_smile: My channel is here:

I made my intro in iMovie because keyframes weren’t available at the time, and I use iMovie from time to time for titles, but the rest of everything I’ve done has been in Shotcut.
I’m still learning how to use the software, but I really appreciate that this open source tool exists and that it’s actively in development. I also really like that this forum is here and that the devs are present, open, and listening, and that the product roadmap is out there for us to see, etc.
I value this kind of transparency and communication.
So, thanks to the team behind the product, and thanks to the helpful people posting on this forum!

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