How to sharpen video on ShotCut

Hi all,

Please advise how to sharpen the video on .mp4. The video was originally captured on Sony V8 tape in about 1980 and later converted by me on VHS tape. Now my camcorder and VHS player have been broken, leaving me no device playing the tapes. Then I sent the VHS tape to a local professional shop ripping it on DVD. The video is not clear. I convert the video on DVD to computer as .mp4 file.

Please advise how to sharpen the video on ShotCut, its size about 180MB.

Thanks in advance.


I upload a screenshot of the video here

Have you tried the “Sharpen” filter? I suggest to try that with both values set to 50.

See some past discussions:

You might also like to experiment with some of the “Reduce Noise” filters.

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Hi brian,

Thanks for your advice.

Where is the sharpen filter. Please see attached screenshot.

Whether I need to download it on Internet. If YES, please advise its link and which folder on ShotCut for this package ? Thanks

Click the “+” button

Then, type “Sharpen” in the search box. Or browse for it in the Video tab.

I would recommend that you check out some of our tutorials to build a basic understanding of the Shotcut features. There is a lot to discover.

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Thanks for your advice and links.

I got it(sharpen filter). My ShotCut seems missing something. I got the file on TimeLine V1. But I couldn’t find how to start running the filter. Please see attached screenshot

The filter’s settings are hidden on your screen because of your display settings.

Hi MusicalBox

Thanks for your advice.

My desktop PC is connected to a 4K 32" Dell display. The big dot is there (please refers to the screenshot of my previous posting). Clicking the big dot with mouse pointer is without response)


That dot is a scrolling bar. You’re supposed to drag it up or down, not just click it

Moving the dot up and down is to select “Amount” and “Size”. But how to run the filter after selecting them.

Bear in mind that it only has the input data to work with - like trying to sharpen up an old fuzzy photograph more often than not will give disappointing results - a sharper fuzzy image.

3 conversions from the original possibly lost definition each time.

Can you either borrow or buy a VHS and try a conversion again.

Can you either borrow or buy a VHS and try a conversion again.

3 days before I sent a V8 tape to another professional shop here, ripping the video on USB stick as .mp4. I’m still waiting for its delivery.

I’ll come back later. Thanks

Now I have delivery of the video ripped on an USB stick, in mp4 format, from the professional shop.

The total duration of the video is 1 hour and 27 minutes. At the beginning of the video only background music playing but without picture, with only words indicating the location. I couldn’t understand WHY? The video is not clear playing on full screen (my display 32" 4K Dell display)

If not playing on full screne the indoor video is quite sharp but the outdoor scene is not sharp (blurry). I have cut a section of the video and upload it to YouTube as example.


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