How to add a fisheye effect in Shotcut

How to add a fisheye effect in Shotcut which makes one particular part of the face where the lens is placed appear bigger or smaller than the other part, like a magnifying lens. Please help if there is any way and if there isn’t how to approach Shotcut to add that in a future update?

Have you tried the Lens Correction filter?

The lens correction filter is only for the edges mostly. I want it to be on a specific area in the video. if there is still a way to do that please say that too.

That’s what a fisheye looks like. Sounds like you prefer a bulge effect similar to this:

Il y a bien le filtre Sniper Scope de @Elusien qui pourrait peut-être convenir, mais il ne doit pas fonctionner sur la dernière version sans Webfx

There is the @Elusien Sniper Scope filter that might be suitable, but it should not work on the latest version without Webfx.

Okay yes maybe the bulge effect. my bad didnt frame it the correct way😅

There is a filter that’s not part of the standard Shotcut distribution that can be used to create a fisheye effect.

@TwitchyMcJoe created a UI for it. (2.3 KB)

Copy the folder in the zip file to:


Fisheye effect.


You’ll need to experiment with the Focal Ratio to get the best effect. I used the SP&R filter to move the penguin’s head around.



@shotcut, in the thread that @sauron linked to there was talk of including that filter in Shotcut. I suppose it was forgotten. Is it possible to consider including a polished version of that Fisheye filter in a release for 2021?

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An improved version of this filter was added to Shotcut with the name Fisheye in version 22.09. Be sure to check out its list of useful Presets.

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