Using defish0r as a Filter (code for a useful defisheye effect)

Hello everyone,

Originally, I was going to post on here seeking advice on getting the defish0r plugin to work with Shotcut, but I decided to have a go at it myself. I finally got something to work!

meta.txt (902 Bytes)
ui.txt (7.2 KB)

It could use some improvement, but I figured that some people might be interested in this for the same reason I was.

I had sought to use Openshot for my video editing, but the most recent Windows version does not support some of the old libraries (like the defish0r that I need for action-cam footage). Shotcut is superior in the ability to easily modify filters. Great job.

Hope to see ya’ll around.

Edit: Updated ui so presets work.

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Very neat, tried it out in a separate Qt project and converted the .txt files to .qml. The fisheye effect shows in the source and timeline players and exports successfully.

I wouldn’t know what to say in terms of improvements, or how to better implement the filter. Thank you for this and good job! :smiley:

If anyone would like more clarification or help getting this to work in their project, just ask.

Oh, to clarify, I feel like it can be polished since I sort of threw it together. I hope this can be included with the next version of Shotcut. It would help reach out to people with action cameras since it can correct fisheye now. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

Well, I can understand that, but I mean I wouldn’t know what to look for to better “polish” it, other than I can tell it works. :sweat_smile: It makes sense for there to be something though.

And yeah, hopefully it could be included in the next version, if not probably the one after that.

I just updated the original post. Now the ui.txt has working presets.

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