Sniper Scope filter

I tried to use the Sniper Scope filter from the Video Filter list.
I can’t get the scope outside area not black but visible to the area …

What did I go wrong ?
Do I need to put some setup or add another filter to see the surround of the scope area ?

I was reading below thread … but wasn’t sure that is relevant in terms of setup.

In the filter you have selected the option “Scope Only”. Deselect this and all will be fine.

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Thanks … I suppose I did not make it clear.
Perhaps I misunderstood the filter function.
I thought we could “scope” in the subject and able to make the surrounding area with some effects like grey out, or filter out with some invert filter to make a clear contrast.
The magnifier only 1x so can’t see much difference between the scope subject and the surrounding without some other way of contrasting the surrounding.

Initially I made the sniper-scope filter as a personal exercise in learning how to program WebGL shaders and integrate them into Shotcut using its WebVfx technology. It was never designed to be all-singing all-dancing. One way to highlight the scope is to use the “Thickness” parameter to have a small rim around the circle.

In the past I have been asked if I could make a few modifications and I tried to incorporate these. An extra modification for example could be to add a variable amount of opacity to the black you get when selecting “Scope-Only”. This may not be too much work to achieve. But I am a bit “snowed under” at present on some other projects, so I don’t know when I could get round to doing it.

Also, bear in mind that it is highly likely that Dan will remove the WebVfx feature in the not too distant future, since it will not carry forward once he updates the version of Qt to one that is supported (the current one no longer is) as the newer releases do not support QtWebkit on which WebVfx is built. Once that happens all of the technologies and filters (including sniper-scope) I have developed to enhance Shotcut will no longer work as they all are dependent of WebVfx.

If I understood well what you want, you can obtain it by adding on the upper track a more or less transparent color clip on which you apply a “Mask: Simple Form” adjusted to the lens of the “Sniper Scope”.

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That would be a huge bummer, man. You’ve made a ton of cool gadgets with it.

Yes, it was fun to do now that I’m retired and don’t do computer programming for a living anymore. Still I’ll probably keep a copy of the last version of Shotcut that supports Webvfx and use that for any of my “speciaL” stuff that needs Webvfx and export the clip lossless to import back into the non-webvfx version of Shotcut.

I can understand why Dan wants to move to a supported version of Qt, since the one he’s using has just run out of support. It’s just a pity that that means the demise of WebVfx.

Thanks for sharing the background on this … it will be a pity to loose some of this cool stuff that @Austin. I hope when the new release that “Dan” I assume the lead for SC release … to highlight which fitlers will not be usable and if possible an alternative where available, to make the transition by users easier.

@Namna, what you suggest should work to achieve what I needed for now.
A little more work on the simple mask matching the scope but clearly doable.
Thanks again.

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