New Filter - Sniper Scope

I have finally finished creating the Sniper_Scope filter (It’s a good way of spending the time while in hospital). It is fully key-framed (see the image below). I took the time to use the “transitions” framework I created some time ago, so as not to re-invent the wheel. It was “fun” getting the keyframes to work. I should now be able to incorporate other filters more quickly using this as the basis. If anyone has a suggestion for one I might be able to do it (no promises). The filter itself is a shader program that runs using webGL and hence uses the GPU. The ZIP file is here: (16.4 KB)


Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Just took the filter for a very quick run. Very cool stuff! :sunglasses:
Some quick thoughts:
Is it possible to have the X and Y parameters go off screen? This in case someone wants to animate the scope entering the screen?
Can there be color control for the cross-hairs also?

In any case, this is really creative stuff! Thanks, Elusien!
Do you have other ideas for filters you’re thinking of?

Working very well. Great job. Added it to the user created front ends.

I’ll have a look at the equations and do a bit of experimenting.

This one is relatively easy to do. I meant to do it before, but it slipped my mind.

Not too bad. It seems I picked up a pulmonary embolism from the plane journey and am being well looked after. I had one 12 years ago after a trip from the Seychelles, so I have an idea of what the treatment is going to be. :face_with_thermometer:

Made a slight modification to the UI to allow the scope to go off screen. Hope @Elusien doesn’t mind my mucking around with his code.

Sniperscope (32.7 KB)

Edited the coordinates to compensate for the maximum diameter when the scope is off screen. This one should work better.

Sniper Scope 05-04-19 (16.4 KB)

Would you be able to explain in detail the procedure to follow to make this / these html filters work?
I tried following the thread 36 gl transitions procedure, but I do not have to do it right because it does not work at home.
I unzipped the downloaded file and put all the internal files in the same folder as the mlt file of my project.
I select my clip on track V1 (I only have 1 track) and I call the filter “overlay html”.
I check the box “use webVfx” and in the popup I answer yes.
I click on the “open” button and select the “Sniper_Scope.html” file located in my project folder.
Nothing applies to my clip.
Should I use a V2 track? another filter in parallel? Download webVfx and place it somewhere?
Thank you for your help and good recovery to Elusien.

Perfect Elusian. Still a good job. Everything works well. You can create as many as you want like that! I wish you a better health and a speedy recovery.

After you unzip the file you put the folder for that filter in the Shotcut program files for filters. I don’t know what OS you are using but in Windows the Filters folder is in Share > Shotcut > QML > Filters.

I’m on Mac, OSX 10.11 and I put the files in a folder completely independent of the Shotcut software. This is the folder that is created by Shotcut when we start a project and in which the .mlt project is saved.
Here is the content of this folder.

The diameter key frame was broken in the original UI that @elisien uploaded. The diameter component was key framable but the key frames did not show in the KF panel.

Fixed it.

Sniper Scope 05-04-19 (16.4 KB)

I will upload this version to google drive.

You don’t put these filter files in your project folder. You put it in the program folder for Shotcut.

Here is a screenshot video that explains my problem

You mean in this folder?


it is done
I now have access to the filter directly in the list, but nothing is displayed and Shotcut hangs.

Did you restart Shotcut?

I just added a copy of webVfx.js in 00 sniperscope folder and it works!
Thank you DRM for your help.

If you want to use the GL Transitions in your video you need to have the html files and the gl-transition-objects.js, gl-transitions.js and shaderkit.js files all in the same folder. You do not need the webvfx.js file to use the GL transitions.

Here’s a sample project with a few GL transitions and the sniperscope html file.

GL Transitions and HTML (810.0 KB)

I do not have the webvfx.js file in my 00 sniperscope folder. The filter’s been working fine. Maybe it’s a MAC issue.


Thank you Sauron
I opened your project after correcting the path to the images.
Here is a screenshot. The scope appears well, but there are no controls for adjusting the filter parameters.

You are opening the wrong filter.
Select this one:

Not the “Surcouche” - Overlay filter.