New Filter - Sniper Scope

I have totally refactored the ui.qml file to tidy it up cconsiderably and to make it very much easier to create new ones. In the process I discovered the thickness error and corrected it.

I have also added the option to colour the reticule and to have the scope position off-screen.

The new ZIP file, which should replace all the earlier ones is here: (17.0 KB)

I added the newest incarnation to google drive. The filter files are in webvfx_sniper_scope folder.

The key frames work but they do not show in the KF panel.:confused:



Found the error. The meta file used the old property names. Changed to the new property names . The key frames are visible in the KF panel.

This is the latest zip file with the corrected meta file. I uploaded this one to google drive. (17.0 KB)

Sauron, thanks ever so much for this. I spent all the time on the ui.qml and forgot about the meta.qml file. :roll_eyes: Cheers!

No problem.

Sniper scope in action.

I’m sorry, but it’s still not clear in my head.
I find it difficult to tell the difference between the filters and transitions found by following the @Elusien link in message # 1 that do not need to be in the application folder and that we call with the filter “overlay html” and the filter “sniper_scope” which must be in the folder “filter” of the application and that is called directly by the filter menu.
In my example above, the “sniper scope” folder was not in the “filters” folder, so I had to call it by the “overlay html” filter.

Although the latest version of the filter works, when used with Key-frames a lot of error messages appear in the logfile. I modified the “meta.qml” file to reference the “filter” item and these error messages disappear. I have put the new qml.meta file in the following ZIP container: (17.1 KB)

Unfortunately a lot of this development has been done empirically, studying existing filters and each ui.qml and meta.qml file seems to have their own take on what to code, so it hasn’t been easy. Which is why I tried to refactor these files to be more easily used as a template for me in the future.

I will upload the final version of the sniper scope filter to google drive when it’s finished.
The latest version still has a mismatch between the meta file and the ui file. Key frames work but don’t show.

This zip contains the fixed meta file. (16.7 KB)

OK there are two different systems here that do similar things:

  1. The “gl-transitions” webpage was designed to make use in Shotcut of a set of “GLSL shader” transitions that were in the public domain. The idea was to use the webpage to create a simple HTML file that could be used as an Overlay HTML filter. To get the “Sniper_Scope” facility into use quickly I essentially created the GLSL shader transition for it and used the framework that was already set-up. Howevere, this framework cannot make use of Key-frames, so…

  2. A proper Shotcut filter, like rotate, size-and-position etc., with all the bells and whistles for setting the parameters, while seeing how they affect the scope-sight on the preview screen and of course Key-frames.

To use the filter proper, unzip the container and put the resulting folder or directory into your Shotcut filters folder (on my Windows 10 system it is in:
C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters

Then start Shotcut and the Sniper_Scope filter will be available for use.

Okay, I understand better.
On the other hand, you have to remember to put everything back on every Shotcut update.
Thank you for your explanations.

The hope is that at some stage these new filters will be incorporated into the official Shotcut release.

A little more silliness … just made a short demo using the sniper scope filter. Working well, @elusien !!
NB No members of the Royal Family were hurt in the making of this film :grinning::grinning::grinning:

(For non-UK forum members, the building is Buckingham Palace)…

PS @sauron, your recent tip about the levels filter came in handy…


Oops, I uploaded the incorrect version earlier in the post above. Just edited it with the correct link.

Excellent, all that’s missing is a filter to simulate an explosion. :grinning:

@Elusien, promise you will take care?

Crikey, all best wishes from me for a full and speedy recovery, @Elusien . We need you here :smiley::smiley:

Brilliant use of the snipe-scope.

Being discharged from the Evangelismos Hospital, Paphos at lunch-time. Care was excellent and staff very friendly. On anti-coagulants permanently now as this was my second PE.

I’m working on a new filter that will be best used as a transition between two slides or clips. It simulates a camera-shutter (like here: - click the button)

Of course the filter will have a smooth action and have various options (e.g. close, open, open-close, close-open, different colours for the shutter etc.)

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So glad you are out of hospital, @elusien. Take it easy now :wink:

Looks like a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to try it out…

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