Not seeing filter setting in the DeFishEye filter

I installed a folder into the “C:\Users\ASUS\AppData\Local\Programs\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters” path, called “fisheye”, it is a folder type. I can see the filter, but shows no settings.

What I was expecting:


Couldn’t put another image. But on top is what I got without the stuff below except for the filter being added.

Quick help would mean alot. Thanks.

Hi @dexluci

Where did you get that filter (folder)?

There is already a folder called fisheye in Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters by the way. Maybe you need to rename that new folder before you add it.

Not sure what you mean by where I got it.

There is only 1 folder called fish eye. I will check if its the one I am trying to add.

Edit: There is only 1 filter called “DeFishEye”. And the regular shotcut fish eye isnt there anymore. I will reinstall.

You said “I installed a folder into the…

To me that meant that you found this DeFishEye filter or plugin somewhere and that you tried to install it, or to add it in the Shotcut directory.

I added it into a directory, yes.

If you want to see the link I got it from: How to add a fisheye effect in Shotcut - #7 by sauron


There is another folder called fisheye which I suppose is the regular since I didnt add the other one yet.

Do I add it now?

Or just replace the duplicate content with the other file (There are two files with the same name which I think has different data). So I will delete the current one and replace it with the new one?

I renamed the regular one and added the new one. Still not seeing the settings needed.

Ok. One reason I can see, is that thread is about 3 years old, and Shotcut changed a lot since then. Maybe this DeFishEye filter worked on older versions, but is not compatible with the latest versions.

I can confirm what @MusicalBox says. Works with Shotcut V-2020.07 (at that time, the filter did not exist in Shotcut), but not with recent versions (2023.09).
Use the current Fisheye filter (or Lens Correction for the edge of the image)

Je confirme ce que dit @MusicalBox. Fonctionne avec Shotcut V-2020.07 (à cette époque,le filtre n’existait pas dans Shotcut), mais pas avec les versions récentes (2023.09).
Utiliser le filtre Fisheye actuel (ou Lens Correction pour le bord)

Version 2020.07:

Version 2023.09:

Do I just downgrade then?

By the way, how did you change the size of your preview layer in the timeline?

1/ If you absolutely must use DeFishEye filter, yes. Link for v20.07.11 or v20.09.27
Choose your version under ‘Assets’. Prefer portable versions so as not to overwrite your latest version.
– Important: Versions v20.07 or v20.09 are not fully compatible with current versions.

Otherwise, the current Fisheye filter behaves similarly. You can also try the filters 360: Hemispherical to Equirectangular or 360 :Equirectangular to Stereographic. I don’t know which effect you’re looking for.

2/ Track Height:

Jeez, the current Fisheye is basically the same as and improved over the old, unofficial DeFishEye! Sometimes, these unofficial things have been cleaned up enough to include with Shotcut.

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Eh, I will stick to the latest I guess.

Almost set it to solution but I forgot to ask a question. How do you get INSIDE of the subject to be the one that is going to be pulled out (Like what you did to that dog.).

Ill show you a picture of what I am trying to acheive:

You can see that the torso of the character is larger compared to the limbs

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