Filter for VST plugin

I’m following another of my posts.

In my activity, I take numerous screencast videos with sound (my voice) using OBS software.
Depending on the situation, I am not able to use my equipment… (audio interface, studio microphone, my settings and OBS plug-in) The audio capture is therefore very raw.
I need to work on the captured audio.
All video editing is done using Shotcut. I carry out numerous cuts, image insertions, effects…

My only difficulty is the audio. The audio processing in shotcut is “too” basic, let’s say that the approach is not necessarily very convincing just like the result.
Currently I’m experimenting with processing audio in a DAW.

I was wondering if Shotcut should integrate a filter to use VST plug-ins. This solution could thus replace the use of a DAW in many cases, particularly in the case of voice processing.

Je fais suite à un autre de mes posts.

Dans mon activité, je réalise de nombreuses captures vidéos d’écran (screencast) avec du son (ma voix) à l’aide du logiciel OBS.
En fonction de la situation, je n’ai pas la possibilité d’utiliser mon matériel… (interface audio, micro de studio, mes réglages et plug-in d’OBS) La capture de l’audio est donc très brute.
Je dois travailler l’audio capturé.
Tout le montage vidéo est réalisé à l’aide Shotcut. Je réalise de nombreuses coupes, insertions d’images, effets…

Ma seule difficulté est l’audio. Le traitement de l’audio dans shotcut est “trop” basic, disons que l’approche n’est pas forcément très convaincante tout comme le résultat.
A l’heure actuelle, j’expérimente le traitement de l’audio dans un DAW.

Je me posais la question si Shotcut devaient intégrer un filtre pour utiliser les plug-in VST. Cette solution pourrait ainsi remplacer l’utilisation d’un DAW dans de nombreux cas, notamment dans le cas de traitement de la voix.

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This is a common suggestion:

I’m not the only one… and for many years :wink: wait and see…

Integrating with the VST SDK would require integrating an entirely new audio framework. I do not know if anyone will ever volunteer to do that much work.

In the meantime, Shotcuct is already integrated with LADSPA and SOX - for which there are hundreds of plugins available.

If there is a particular audio feature that you think is missing, you can search Google to see if a similar effect is available for LADSPA or SOX. If there is, we can add a GUI for it in Shotcut.

a graphics compressor like

or another…

Good news! Shotcut has a compressor:

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THANKS. I know this filter. I opened all the filters to find out what they contain… I could have forgotten! but not on the audio because recently I had to redo tracks following poor sound recording during capture.
So I know the possibilities in terms of shotcut audio from having tested it.
It would be necessary to be able to do compressions on frequencies (frequency ranges) like on a graphic compressor with a curve.

But, in the end, it is better not to work on audio in Shotcut or in a very occasional manner. The use of a DAW is largely required; synchronization works well in Shotcut.

This great Plugins are available as a LADSPA version. Maybe you can add this feature so that the GUI of the LSP Plugins are worked. That Plugins are amazing Plugins. I use this in Ardour and as vst2 version in Audacity
or here: GitHub - lsp-plugins/lsp-plugins: Linux Studio Plugins Project

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I agree, please make LSP Plugins or other external audio Plugins available in Shotcut.
(Stereo) Chorus effect is definitely missing.