VST / Audio Units - Audio Plugin Support

Support for VST plugins on Mac and Windows, Audio Units in Mac would be a really nice feature. There are hundreds of great free audio plugins out there, many of which would be useful for video production.



If you export your project as EDL and import it in Blender, you can export it with the BlenderVelvets script to a Ardour friendly file. And in Ardour you can use all the audio plugins you want to make your audio to your Shotcut edited video sparkle.

Sounds like a bit of a learning curve ahead, but it is still nice to know how this can be done. I still hope this can be incorporated into Shotcut eventually, but thanks for the workaround.

Yeah, it is a workaround. I asked the Ardour people if they would support EDL import(so no workaround would be needed) and here’s their answer: https://community.ardour.org/node/13913

The great thing about Ardour is that you can also import a videofile, so you actually got video-picture when editing the audio of your video, like you would when working with ProTools.

Support for these VST plugins would open the door to more audio effects than anyone could create in a lifetime, supporting a huge range of functions, thousands of which are free. Fingers crossed.

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I agree! VST, LV2, and Audio Units would be fantastic. Audio is 50% of editing video and this would make Shotcut my main, video editing software.

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I grabbed this thread for keeping it in mind.
It woud be so delightful to create an audiofilter in SC that can handle VST-Plugs.
Myself, as also a musician, am working for years with VST-Effects. There are many free programs that already implemented to work with VST, for e.g. Audacity or OBS-Studio.

I’m not a programmer to know how to implement it in SC, but I guess that this link can explain it with the Qt user Interface. Ok, it’s from 2009, but maybe a start?

An example in OBS-Studio:

On the left side there are all the built-in audio-filters, except the “VST 2.x…”-filters.
The right side shows the list of all VST-Plugs and a Button to show the grafical UI.

Kindly, DvS