[Audio] Hall effect


IMHO should the Hall effect lengthen the audio runtime, isn’t it?

BTW: It seems that that the Hall effect isn’t recognizing the Volume effect (set to -50 == quiet)

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Sorry, but I never use the audio-effects in SC, because they aren’t handy to me.
I hope that some day VST will be implemented:

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I do not understand, but there is already a Reverb audio filter with some hall presets. So, why is this a suggestion, and how is it different than what exists?

The suggestion is

a) to lengthen the audio to that Reverb effect
b) to adjust to silence (-50 == quiet)


The engine does not support the concept of a filter lengthening the audio. If you want the reverb effect to continue beyond the end, then you need headroom in your clip (footage after the out point) and you may need to detach the audio from the video to extend the audio part slightly longer.

It works for me but not always completely silent as seen in the audio meters. If you want completely silent you can place Mute after Reverb. Maybe we should make the minimum of Gain/Volume to be -70 (this gets it closer, but we currently do not have -infinity).

Ok and thanks!

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