Dynamic background music volume, is it possible?

Hi all,

I’m new here… I use Shotcut to make videos for my YouTube channel (it’s a new one, just 3 months old).
I mainly make technical educational/demonstration videos, where I narrate over video of computers and peripherals being used etc…
To get rid of the faint background sounds (like cars or bids or just noise) I like to add a ambient electronic mixed music track in the background that plays during the whole video, on a low volume. (usually I just add a gain filter and set it to -27 dB, depending on the volume of the music in question.

However, I’ve got the problem that the music is sometimes too loud when I am narrating, and during periods when I’m not talking, it’s not loud enough.
Is there some kind of filter, plugin or technique that I can use that dynamically raises/lowers the gain/volume of an audio track based on the volume of another (eg my narration recorded with a microphone) ?
In such a way that the music becomes louder during parts where I don’t talk for say more than a few seconds, and the volume is gradually lowered over a few seconds to a low level while I am narrating.

Is this possible, and if so, how ?
I could do it manually, but that would take a LOT of work as i’d have to change the volume in MANY places, and make it fade up/down etc… way too much work…

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it,

The thing you are asking for is called “ducking” and there are a few posts on this forum about it:

If you want “automatic ducking”, you can try the trick to import the audio into Audacity:

Else, you can do it fairly quickly manually using an audio gain filter on the audio track and adjusting the keyframes:

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Hi Brian,

thanks for the information, I did’nt know it was called “ducking”.
Since I also use audacity, I might give that workflow a try :slight_smile:

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