Audio track volume curve adjustment

Is there a way to adjust audio level in a continuous manner; for example if there is background music playing along a video where there is speech and I want to lower the volume during the speech and smoothly get it back to it previous level without sudden change in volume.

I believe what you’re asking for is called “ducking,” which as far as I can tell is not a feature of Shotcut. However, Audacity, another great piece of software, has an “Auto Duck” effect that will do this. You could edit your video the way you want, export two separate audio streams, combine & duck them with Audacity, then add the new ducked file back into Shotcut.

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I can tell you, it’s not in Shotcut. I wish it was.

There is no way smoothly, but I’ve done it making multiple splits then just lowering/raising the volume in each clip. I did that twice. For me it was rather tedious and time consuming, and it did not sound natural, lol. But I did make the honest attempt, ha ha.

After reading @john_solo’s response, I wish I would have known that before. Wonderful advice.

I think it should be possible to do what you want using the new keyframe feature in the latest release. You can use the gain filter to set volulme points at various times throughout the track or clip and Shotcut will interpolate the gain between the points.


Perfect! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Oh wow, I didn’t know this. Super cool.