Blank screen at startup

I have a problem at startup (there is a blank screen that appears)

Thank you in advance!


What version do you have installed?
What are your computer specifications?

Your image link is not working. Try to upload image directly in the post and more details.

I have the same issue It works on my work computer but not on my Laptop. I have Win 7 and a 64bit system. I can put the mouse on the pull down windows and if I pick it, I can see them. If I load a video I can hear it running but I can’t see it.
I only have a box that is white
I have reinstalled it 3 times

Shotcut is not compatible with all systems. It is very hard to tell, but usually it is due to some graphics hardware/driver combination.

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That sucks So I have to just give up? I tried it at work and liked it better than most I found

Since it sounds like you can access the menus, you can try the different options under Settings > Display Method.

I see where to do that here at work I will try it at home Thanks

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