Shotcut not displaying anything but a white screen?

I have a problem where Shotcut won’t display anything but just white. I looked at a topic where someone had the same problem (this topic). It only displayed white but it still runs like normal.
I tried uninstalling and running the installer, clearing the registry settings, and I’ve also tried restarting my computer and running as administrator. However, nothing worked. Is there a way to fix this?

Oh yeah, also tried the troubleshoot compatibility, still wouldn’t work.

What are your computer specifications?
Operating system?
Shotcut version number?

More than likely Shotcut is incompatible with your system and you will have to use something else, but you can keep trying. Maybe a future version will help but hard to say.

It could be compatibility issues, the version I have is the Win64 version for the Windows 7+, can’t tell which version number, but I might install the new version if it may work.
Also, my computer is a Windows 10, and Shotcut used to work in this one before the white screen happened.

Alright, did some more investigation and found the problem, it turns out it is incompatible now. Dunno why it became incompatible this week, but oh well. Perhaps I can use something else for now

In your first post you mentioned you can the installer, the last 6 numbers in the file name is the version number.

Another way to find the version number (when not a white screen).
Help/About Shotcut.

Most current version as of today.

You’re not giving any real information, other than you run Windows 10.
I have Windows 10, and Shotcut runs fine for me.

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