Audio dance visualization with another track

Can I somehow apply dance visualization with the sound of another track?
I know I could put audio and video together, export, import and then do the effect, but that is very unflexible.

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There is no way to use the sound from another track. I think the preferred way to use the filter is to put the audio on its own track. You can open a clip twice. In one, you can disable the video in the properties panel. In the other, you can disable the audio in the properties panel. That way, you can put the video and audio on separate tracks.

Some people also put the filter on the “Output” track.

Also of interest:

I’ve also run into this problem.

I have video-only clips from my drone in the V1 track, and a music track. I want to sync the video to the music. I think this is a pretty common use case in drone videography. Is there no simpler way to render the two tracks together? Could the Audio Dance filter have an option for where to pick up the audio from?

You could put the filter on the output.

Another option: combine your drone footage and audio in a Shotcut project. Save that project. Then open that project as a clip in a new Shotcut project.

No one has volunteered to do this. And it is not simple to do because the underlying editing framework does not provide a way for one track to access audio or images from another track.

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