Audio Light Visualization doesn't work?

How I expect filters to work

  1. I have an audio file and select it.
  2. Adding ‘Audio Spectrum Visualization’.
  3. I see everything works fine when hitting play, I see the spectrum

The problem:

  1. I have an audio file and select it.
  2. Adding ‘Audio Light Visualization’.
  3. When hitting play I don’t see any light coming from the music. Also if I play around with the filter settings It doesn’t seem to work fine. (Once the filter was working fine so I don’t understand why it doesn’t work)

Question: Is there something I do wrong?

Philip Bergwerf

The audio file must have some sort of cover art or video attached to it for the ALV filter to work. The audio file must be put on a video track for the ALV filter to work.

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I too had this problem and this is how I managed to do it.

1 I put the Audio on the Timeline
2 I created a “Open Other Colour” and put that on the Timeline for the duration of the above Audio
3 I then Export the File

Once completed, I would then open up Shotcut and add the file that I had just exported to the Playlist. Once that file is added to the Timeline I could then add the Audio Light visualization.

This works. You don’t need to export the file. Save the project, then create a new project and open the saved project as XML MLT. Then add the ALV filter.


… and I have learnt something new, off to have a play.

Thank you Sauron :slight_smile: question answered.

You don’t need to do that. Apart from video and audio clips, filters can also be added to the audio and video track heads to affect an entire track and they can also be added to the Master track head to affect everything in the timeline. You could have the video with the audio in an audio track and add the Audio Light Visualization to the Master track head. This is the Master track head:

When you do that, the Audio Light Visualization filter will pick up the audio and affect the video accordingly.

Furthermore, if you just want the Audio Light Visualization filter to affect only a certain section of the timeline you can go to the Simple Keyframe window for the filter and use the trim handles to specify the section of the video that you want to have affected.

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See Trimming Filters

There’s an issue with adding the ALV and ADV filters to the master track.
Put an audio file on an audio track. Add a color clip or image to a video track
Add the ALV filter to the master track. Save the project.
Do a File > New. Re-open the project. The filter does not work

If Shotcut is re started and the project is opened the filter works.
Every time you start a new file and open the saved project the filters do not work.

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Sounds like a bug, @shotcut .

Thanks for the heads up on that issue, @sauron.

This issue affects other filters added to the master track. I added a distort and HLS filter to the master truck of an existing project. Saved and re-opened the project. Both filters did not work.

This does seem to be a major bug.

This bug is fixed for the next version 19.12

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