Add the ability to link video-specific effects related to audio TO specific/master audio channels? (such as the spectrum waveform)

I really wish I could use the audio spectrum visualizer without needing a video with audio accompanying it, it’s annoying to make a background video to accompany said visualizer before editing around with the audio. It possibly even requiring me to use an entirely different software for everything BESIDES the spectrum visualizer, which I’d come back here to shotcut if the audio is too long for online sites to process.

If this is a possible feature that could be added, very appreciated!

The general recommendation for this is to put the Audio Visualization filter on the “Output” track.

Okay, let me clarify this with an image representation.

It’d be nice to have the option to select an audio track to put any video audio-based filters to run from a specific audio channel, like in this drawn example: Audio Channel 1, or even just the master audio channel too.
Apparently, as your third recommended forum link says, “There is no way to use the sound from another track.” I’m suggesting there should BE a way to do that.

I know it’s a sloppy image yes, but it’s a barebone representation of what I’m trying to come across. For the convenience of anyone using an audio visualizer, people (me included) probably don’t wanna be stuck with resorting to only videos with audio in them for these kinds of filters.