About the Bug category


Report a problem or bug here. The more “likes” that a bug receives (using the heart icon), the higher priority it receives. You can also post a bug to GitHub and/or post a link from a GitHub bug here along with a brief description (no need to repost full details). Bugs reported or mentioned here will get a higher priority than those on GitHub (a perk of patronage).

Tips to Make a Good Bug Report
A good bug report makes it much more likely a developer will take a look at it. We really need to reproduce it so that we can know if we have fixed it.

  • What is the version of Shotcut (see Help > About Shotcut), and what OS are you using?
  • If it is a crash, is it repeatable? Does it only occur in your project, or can you make it occur starting fresh?
  • What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Consider making a screencast video to demonstrate it.
  • Or, what are the set of conditions under which it occurs? Is there another condition under which it does not occur? That can be an extremely helpful detail.
  • Logs and crash dumps are usually not beneficial - wait until we ask for that.
  • If you still have a previous version or can recall from memory… is this problem new with the version you are reporting?

Thank you.

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