Shotcut gets stuck exporting video at 99%


Hello my name is Jacob and I have been using shotcut for some time now for video editing for YouTube videos. Recently shotcut refuses to export any video. I have already tested multiple settings, video lengths and complexity of edits and it continues to get “stuck” at 99%. Yes I have let shotcut sit for an ABSURD amount of time to verify that time was not the issue (12 hours from the second it hit 99% and it still didn’t finish).

If anyone has this issue and has a solution I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Here’s how to correctly report a bug.
This is the best way for devs or other members to get a better picture of the issue you are experiencing.


I am using Shotcut version 17.02.05

I have a 33 minute video I have edited. I have messed around with shotcut and have actually found that now it is only in this specific file, where as it was happening across all videos at the time I originally posted this thread. However even if I adjust the .mlt file it still wont export the video. It is very strange that it is getting stuck at 99%. I really am quite stumped on what to include in this bug report as I have not the slightest clue what could have caused it.

However if anyone has any questions regarding what might be going on or even a theory I will do my best to answer with enough detail to be meaningful.

Any help is appreciated,