Shotcut gets stuck exporting video at 99%

Hello my name is Jacob and I have been using shotcut for some time now for video editing for YouTube videos. Recently shotcut refuses to export any video. I have already tested multiple settings, video lengths and complexity of edits and it continues to get “stuck” at 99%. Yes I have let shotcut sit for an ABSURD amount of time to verify that time was not the issue (12 hours from the second it hit 99% and it still didn’t finish).

If anyone has this issue and has a solution I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Here’s how to correctly report a bug.
This is the best way for devs or other members to get a better picture of the issue you are experiencing.

I am using Shotcut version 17.02.05

I have a 33 minute video I have edited. I have messed around with shotcut and have actually found that now it is only in this specific file, where as it was happening across all videos at the time I originally posted this thread. However even if I adjust the .mlt file it still wont export the video. It is very strange that it is getting stuck at 99%. I really am quite stumped on what to include in this bug report as I have not the slightest clue what could have caused it.

However if anyone has any questions regarding what might be going on or even a theory I will do my best to answer with enough detail to be meaningful.

Any help is appreciated,

Did you find a solution? I’m having the same problem

Does this help?

If not describe your problem in more detail, explain what system you are running on and what version of Shotcut. The more info you give the more you are likely to get someone to help.

Only with one specific project?
If, so, I had problems last, too.
It was a project where to 80% was heavy load (you know what I mean?), and then SC could export very fast. (Advanced settings and codec at 60%.)

It stuck first at 80% and one time at 99%.
After I decreased the codec value to 50%, all was fine.

rollback to previous shotcut version didn’t change anything – still 99%

changed export video codec:
from nvenc_hevc to hevc_nvenc

exported okay.