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Thanks Paul!
So, basically, still the text editor is the solution. Me I looked in the .mlt for opening tags
<producer id="producer
which - for that 10hr project - I have 1966 occurences :open_mouth:


One more thing: browsing the forum, I’ve observed @Elusien is a member (I should have expected!) to whom I owe a big, special thanks for his JS and tutorials about how to create nice rolling credits in Shotcut, so I post below an older clip to show the result.

I’m not a big fan of visible ostensible use of filters, rather I prefer to use them discretely in order to enhance the story. From this point of view, this clip is the most “filtered” to-date: alongside slo-mo, fade-in/out, dissolve, HSL adjustments, overlay text, there is:

  • old-movie effect, at 1:33; tried to create the 1920’s, manual cranking movie look from a “making of” with the writer’s room clip: so alongside the old movie effects combined, the clip is also a bit sped-up, a bit blurred, reduced contrast, applied an white alpha overlay, together with a sepia tone.

  • scrolling credits over slideshow at 2:26: here I made a dissolve slideshow where images are a bit glowed, darkened, aligned to the left and a vignette applied in order not only to create a Rembrandt-esque dark look, but also to make room on right for Elusien rolling credits.
    Bottom line, I really liked how the ending got. Like in “resurrection” above, the YouTube subtitles (CC) I made them using SubtitleWorkshop.

Again, thanks a lot - to both Shotcut devs and Elusien!


I like what you did with the filters - subtle yet effective.

Thanks for your comments. I spend more time these days “adding value” to Shotcut, with filters and frameworks, than actually using it to edit videos! :grinning:

It’s great to be able to use my rusty old programming skills to produce something that is useful to so many people - glad to hear you are one of them. It has given me something to do here in Cyprus while waiting for the rain to stop - wettest winter in 100 years but summer is finally here!


It’s too bad the PTB at Fox cancelled the show. TSCC was a fine show.


Long may it continue, @elusien! Keep 'em coming!

Really nice scrolling credits, @AmperSand. Good work…


Hello “Shotcutters”,

I began to create Tutorials for German users, because german and new Tutorials of SHOTCUT are very rare, especially for the nowerly latest Version in 2019.

Enjoy and hang on! :wink: