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Although I started my modest channel editing the videos with commercial software since I discovered Shotcut I have not used another video editor.
My Channel on YouTube is a channel to share my progress playing the bass (sometimes the guitar).
The usefulness of my channel is, mainly, to share in a forum specialized in the Ubisoft Rocksmith game.
I create other videos by testing filters in Shotcut, but since they are not related to the rest of the contents of the Channel, I have hidden them.
Surely I should create another channel for this, however, it is not a priority now for me.
This Channel is not a great thing, because the content is monolithic, but it serves my purposes.


They are not hidden at all. You can find them if you search the forum.
They are also available here.


I assumed that looking for these names, associating with word filter and Shotcut, would give some result (in the forum in some search engine).
It was just a teasing way to break the ice.:grin:
I hope I did not bother with my comment.
Sometimes jokes are not the same depending on the language.
Thanks for the link Sauron.


Not at all.:smile:




Here’s my channel. Every video has been made using Shotcut. I love how easy it was to use from a complete beginner standpoint. Transitions are easy to make, you can add a music track and clip the DB at -12 or whatever you want, change the contrast or colour grade the entire track or just a clip, so convenient and free.


And this is my channel and this is the first video I made with Shotcut, the one that gave me troubles as I explained here: Can't export video and qmelt.exe problem

More informations here:


@mikros FYI, when trying to play your embedded video, we get the message “Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.”


Oh, thanks! I think I solved now, can you give me a feedback? TIA


Plays fine now.


Plays now :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :grinning:


I enjoyed it as I liked the Koyaanisqatsi and Powisqatsi movies!


Hi everyone!
I am Doggybag Productions.
And I just uploaded my very first YouTube video, called: Hatching With Vectors. Proudly done with Shotcut of course. The assets were done with Inkscape.

I hope you’ll like it



I liked the dark theme in Inkscape.
I’m a little rusty in this. I must update myself.
Thank you for sharing this.


Hey ejmillan!

I am glad you liked it. I just applied it about 10 days ago.
It’s a Global Theme in Linux Mint 19, called Adapta-Nokto.



Even if it’s off-topic, I finally found a dark theme for Inkscape 0.92.4 (in Windows 10).
Ideal to avoid sight fatigue.

Thanks for sharing.


Hi @DBP, I enjoyed your tutorial - so I gave you a like :+1:
Ah, hatching as in cross-hatching … when I saw the title I thought it might be about eggs :grin:

Your voice is crystal clear - good sound quality and clearly spoken. You might like to check at 3:39 though - your voice cuts off briefly.

Can I ask what screen capture program you used? Also the movie-style credits are really smooth. Did you use the built -in scrolling credits generator in SC, or a transparent png, with size and position filter? Or maybe Elusien’s movie style credits generator?

Thanks for the link @ejmillan - will download that.


It is a pity that Inkscape does not include the configuration of the dark system theme.
In each reinstallation, we have to copy-paste the files again.
I tried this dark theme and the icon collection and it works well.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi jonray,

Thanks for the Like :slight_smile:

And thank you for the complement on the clear sound. You may find it surprising that I don’t use a professional microphone. Just a simple mobile app called Audio Recorder (Android). Then I Normalize the audio with Audacity. That’s it!
Thanks a million for the audio problem! I’ll fix it right away!

This last time I used OBS to capture the video. Next time though, I will try Vokoscreen. It seems highly recommended. And it has a very simple interface. The main reason I want to try it, is because I need a way to highlight the mouse cursor, so viewers can easily follow it. Vokoscreen can also display any keyboard keys you press, so that’s good too. I didn’t see how to do that with OBS. I know there are many solutions for Windows, but I didn’t see one for OBS in Linux.
As for the scrolling credits, no generators, just an animated PNG. Yes, with S&P.