Can't export video and qmelt.exe problem

Hello, sorry for the long post.
I can’t export a project made of various clips of various format and fps. During the editing and while importing videos, I exported the project to see the work in progress before adding the rest of clips and all worked very well! After importing the last clip, I tried to export the last WIP before adding the final credits (it will be another clip made in Blender that still doesn’t exist) and the soundtrack, the exporting job stops at 24% for long time, untill I manually end it. During this long wait at 24%, neither Shotcut nor PC are blocked, there’s only a RAM usage of about 80-90%. I read the events log and I noticed that the render procedure blocks at 24% on a particular clip. I tried to replace the clip with another cutted at the same timecode, but the problem was not solved, rather it appears at 23% on the previous clip. So I tried to replace the previous clip and the block appears at 24% again. I replaced the next clip and it blocks at 25%…
In the taskmanager I noticed that the qmelt.exe process is hungry of memory and while the Shotcut process continues to use the same memory, the qmelt one has ups and downs, but no process is blocked. On the Shotcut Google+ page I found a post where a user with a similar problem tried to open Shotcut with Administrator privileges and it worked well. I tried the same, but nothing changed.
The exported part video is unplayable and its size is about 157-160 Mb, while the last WIP exported video was about 800 Mb. The final video will be surely over 1 Gb for about 25’, credits included.

Shotcut 18.01.02, Win7 32bit, Intel Core2 Duo, 2 GB RAM.

Finally, how I can resolve this problem? Is the 1 Gb video file size a limit for my prehistoric system and Shotcut has been cornered? TIA to those who have had the patience to read up to here.

Has someone the solution to my problem? I can’t waste a three months job or restart another project with the doubt that the problem will show again.

Use a program like handbrake and out of program solve the problem with various formats and fps? Maby that help Shotcut to export? Or why not use shotcut itself and export the odd format and fps files into a more reasonable format and frame rate. I don’t like the fact that you got a export problem AND using diffrent formats and frame rates. No clue if I’m right but that’s what I had lookt at.

Have you tried exporting this big or bigger project before with that PC? If it’s due to the formats and FPS diffrences handbrake or shotcut conversion shoud fix you right up! (if you manage to get converted files to look decent) But it’s possibly not the answer. I just know that I had ruled out the format wars.

Have to good of a PC to know if it’s a ram or Win32 problem. Kinda new to Shotcut but export way above 2gb and 20min. 1GB video export file size limit? sounds strage. What format and codec do you export at? How long is that video of your being only 800mb. That is like 5min of video for me XD But I do export at 1440p 50Mbps Mp4

Side note. Windows 7 32bit? Kinda asking for problems :slight_smile: You can’t render it on a outher PC? Don’t need to be a monster. Just 4GB ram and Windows 7 64bit shoud fix your problem right?

Thanks for the answer.
As I wrote, I already exported the video about 4-5 times as a Work In Progress to see if the cuts and the fades worked as I like, because in the editor the videoplayer was to laggy. All worked well and the export duration was about 30-45 minutes for a 80% completed project (not scared about long awaits). When I completed the project adding last 9-10 videos and before to add the final credits, I tried to export it to verify the perfect editing before finalize the project and it stopped at 24% in a part of the timeline that always worked well. I tried to leave Shotcut work for at least 3 hours to see if it was only a temporary slowdown, but it remained at 24% until I killed the process.

Shotcut can manage different formats and FPS files and export all of them in another format with another FPS and, actually, it worked until I added last files, but it blocks before those. I expected that problems could be on the last video added because until that time all worked very well.

It’s a punch in the stomach if I’ll convert all clips before adding them in the project, becuase they’re at least 100, excluding those that match the final format+FPS.

I have no chances to render on another pc.

Why I say that converting the files to one format can help is simply to not force your PC and shotcut to deal with it. Yes it shoud manged it but what says your RAM and CPU can do it and export the video. Final export is more or less a conversion. Even the 480p 15fps video in your project is going to turn into 720p 30fps at the end. Why not convert it to 720p 30 before export?

And as you say. You added more videos the last time you exported. Have you ever exported any longer videos on that PC?

I find it hard to imagen Windows 32bit or 2GB ram is the problem here. Exported video is written to disk and the OS needs 1GB. That leavs 1GB of free RAM to keep working on the video at all times.

Yes, but not with Shotcut. 1 hour DVD ripped graduation video, edited and with soundtrack added in Movie Maker and a couple of similar videos in Premere CS4.

I’m going to try with another encoding preset to see if there are any idiosyncrasies.

Thanks again

Maybe there is something unique about one of those last files that Shotcut does not like. Perhaps you could try removing some files and see if it solves the problem. If you can narrow the problem down to one file, we can probably find the problem and fix it.

Yea. And if that don’t work and if you don’t like move to a outher pc, split the project up into 2 parts? It’s not easy but one can learn how to do it. And if that’s not OK why not bring the 2 parts into a other PC and combine them there? All this dose affect video quality in a bad way. But as Brian said it’s perhaps just a odd video file you need to deal with to make it all work!

Good luck with that!

PS: I don’t know why no one helpt you for the last 6days. The forum has allot of nice ppl in it and your post maby just was posted when no one was there to help

The OPs PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Shotcut.

It works! I simply changed libx64 codec to mpeg4 and finally the video was entirely exported, obviously with a quality degradation.
So It was only a codec problem that my pc can’t manage properly. Don’t mind, the most important thing is that I have no need to remake all from the start and can continue to develop the project adding credits and soundtrack, merging all in Shotcut on a more “comfortable” pc.

Steve, I know that my pc doesn’t meet the minimums, but Shotcut never gave my troubles. My doubts were born after it rendered 85% of the project and started to stop after I added the remaining 15% (except credits and soundtrack), with problems always in the same point, even when I changed the suspicious file(s). Now it worked with the original ones.

I hope it will be useful: during the exportaions, Shotcut never crashed, even when I left it render for 3 and more hours. So we can say that Shotcut si a robust NLE, even on carbon powered PCs.

Turbo50. Actually there are a lot of posts and unfortunately I posted mine during a “rain” of new posts and the complexity of it had it slippered down. It was difficult to find it to me too. But as you can saw too, when I post a reply to it, answers followed in few minutes. Thanks

Your specs… I don’t even let my grandma live with mikros. But it’s good if you find a use of the software anyways.

Still odd how the program refuse to export after 800mb? But can’t complain or criticize it due to the minimum specs being more but reasonable. Anyways I hope your happy with the result considering everything. I had just split the video into 2 parts but hey. And that shit I was talking about converting to a diffrent format and frame rate was something I learn in Sony Vegas. More like Crash Vegas but hey.


I’ll split the video in two or more parts to see if it’ll works and surely I’ll start a new project for final credits and final soundtrack even because they will be made in Inkscape+Blender.

Converting format before edit is better then put all together because you can perfectly control the result before merging all. In my case I choose to make a salad only because I selected clips as I proceeded without any apparent common meaning. It’s a sorta of experimental video.

Shotcut rocks!