What can I do to speed up Timeline editing operations: zoom and movement?

I’ve just edited my first video with Shotcut. It went well, but two things surprised me: it’s quite sluggish when zooming the timeline or going back one second. The “go back one second” (with the keyboard shortcut) is especially frustrating because I might hit the PageUp key six times but it looks like some of those hits are being dropped because it doesn’t go back six seconds.

I was editing a two-track timeline: one track with video and audio straight off a camera, video was H.246 and audio was 16-bit PCM. The second track was audio off a phone and converted to a .mkv file, 32-bit floating-point PCM.

I’d like to know what, if anything, I can do to make Shotcut more responsive to zoom and movement, especially that “go back one second” key. Should I be using different video or audio formats? I would hate to incur the loss imposed by an extra conversion pass on the audio, but if I can speed up my editing process significantly, it would be worth it.

Proxy Editing is one way to go (a feature in the next version of Shotcut - v20-06). See


Preview scaling is also an option. See:

Also, seeking can be better if you convert your video to edit-friendly beforehand. Look at Convert -> Edit-Friendly in “Properties”

How long does your timeline run for?

Timeline started at about 11:30, got edited down to 9:30.

Thanks. Looks like I can try proxy editing without waiting for the next version: How to "proxy" edit with Shotcut

I’ll try the other settings, too.

The next version 20.06.28 with working proxy editing is already available.


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