What are Keyframes?

Hello, i"d like to know what keyframes are.
I thought that keyframes are points that you can put in timeline to do something faster.
For example:
select a specific area or something else.

I hope someone can answer me the question.


The word “keyframes” has several definitions. When you see that term used in the Shotcut application and documentation, it is referring to frames where the beginning or end of parametric changes are set – the “animation” definition of the word. For example, if you set the parameters of a filter, they will stay that way for the entire clip. If that filter has the option to have Keyframes, you can set the filter parameters at the beginning of the clip, and again at the end of the clip, and any in-between frames will calculate their parameters between these values.

Google “keyframe animation” if that explanation didn’t make sense. And once you understand the definition, look around for examples people have made with Shotcut, as keyframes are still somewhat limited in scope in Shotcut (though people have already put them to very good use!).

To piggy back on @john_solo’s reply…
Explains in more depth with a tutorial video.