Shotcut: Keyframes work now!


Shotcut finally has keyframes. They aren’t perfect but they are 900% amazing compared to not having any.

Full blog on the topic:

EDIT: and a new video that looks at all effects with Keyframes:


Which would be awesome news, don’t get me wrong, except now lots of simple things that weren’t broken before, now are. Stuff like amending the length of fades, resizing pictures etc. The latest version is also tens times more crashy.

I kept the old version around in case this turned out to be a backwards step, yet it no longer runs.

I have not experienced a crash yet. Was experimenting with the new features just last night doing what Tux Designer had demonstrated without any problems. What exactly is broken?

Either you can keep an old copy or you can follow this link to all of them.

Hmm, I’m not sure I’ve got the time or patience to explain it all… there’s so much to cover. It’s just wall to wall random glitchy nonsense. If software can be schizophrenic, Shotcut is schizophrenic. Make an adjustment to a picture and it disappears from the preview window altogether, or vanishes part way through its sequence. Try to adjust an image’s size and it snaps back to whatever size it feels like until the tenth time you do it. Then it accepts the change. I instruct a fade to opacity to last 1 second and the next time I look it’s set to some random figure like 27.56 seconds, if it doesn’t crash first. Then there are the freezes while previewing the video.

When the update was pushed out my installed version of Shotcut vanished from the start menu. I couldn’t run it because it no longer existed and I couldn’t re-install it because it was supposedly already installed! I tried to uninstall it via the terminal and was told the package wasn’t recognised. Eventually I managed to remove it from the software centre and re-install it, but that hasn’t helped with the instability/glitchiness.

The Tux Designer’s video commentary is quite amusing.:smile:

Yep, certainly a different way to approach a tutorial - learn as the teacher works it out. Helpful though all the same.

Great! I was waiting for that for so long!
If you could add aftereffects transitions it would be a killer feature :slight_smile:
can’t wait my repos to have this version!

By the way, is there any scripting/python feature that I could use to automate applying filters to make effects?

You can create a project, save it right before adding an effect and as another file right after adding the effect and compare. Then you could use whatever tool to automatically manipulate .mlt files.

It’s rather time-consuming though.