What about helpers to develop shotcut?

I am about here for 7 months, I have searched almost 100 times about this idea in this forum and haven’t found anyone who has already created this type of topic.
I am thinking about a campaign where young or experienced C, C++ coders will develop code for shotcut to make shotcut support more features than before, And I have heard Dan Dennedy talking about a problem which his developers couldn’t solve and he needs a more experienced person to solve this problem.

By this campaign, many young coders may get an opportunity to show what they can do, and experienced and old coders may get a chance again to show how creative they are at their old ages.
And I have also heard Brian about creating a framework to support templates for shotcut, By this Idea, many coders could develop this framework and the shotcut developers would get some relief.

I know this Idea might sound stupid to some people but it’s a really nice one and some other software developers like Tony of Synfig open source software are already working on this idea.

At last who is interested:-

Are you interested
  • Yes, I am interested in this idea
  • No, I am not interested in this idea

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Hi Arpit,

good point but i think it needs more info here for ppl to decide wether they could help or not.
I studied computer science, 25 years ago and worked as software developer for a few years. For 20 years i am in other dept. and my knowledge of state-of-the-art software development tools is quite limited compared to fresh students.
You should at least mention: 1. what skills are needed,
2. what programming languages are involved,
3. what are the tasks to do
4. what are other prerequisites (knowing which technology etc. etc.)
5. how much time to spend?

Lots of questions arise? And who will test it and is responsible for severe errors? On what plattform is the development cooperation? Endless questions…

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This sounds like a “Google Summer of Code” type project. It is a lot of work for the organizers to train the students on the conventions of the code base and then direct them on which problems to solve. Since these are volunteers, there is always the risk of them unexpectedly dropping out or not finishing a task in time, which could bottleneck other teams or projects.

It’s a nice idea when it works, but it is not a trivial thing to organize.

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I just had this idea in my mind, I have never been into any campaign in my whole life, it’s first time for me. And I already mentioned this idea might sound stupid.

To be true, I can’t really explain that, The real developers have to tell what skills are specified.

Honestly, i think its more effort for the two developers here to find and train the very few volonteers in coding to their expectation, than to concentrate on what has to be done :slight_smile:
The initiative is good, but it should come from the developers themself.

I have some experience in coding long time ago (20+ years) and if i think back i even had to train newbee’s on our project, including coding in Cobol68 (a quite old school business programming language). The effort only paid out afther around 1 year on a daily 8 hour basis. I don’t think anybody here would dig that deep into the matter and spent that time. Would be great to proof me wrong :slight_smile:

I can’t understand why you are asking to train volunteers, I was talking about those who are learning C, C++ from their school, internet or who already have the experience to do this.

And you think, everybody who (really) knows how to code in C/C++ can directly join into the development of SC? Than i have to say you are a dreamer :wink:

I have more than 20 years experience in software developing and coding in different programming languages (master in computer science), but i even won’t dare to ask helping to develop SC. Do you know if ‘C’ is even needed at all here?

Some of the guys on here have been adding functionality to Shotcut such as @MusicalBox and @Namna withe their “timeline markers” (Timeline markers add-on) and @Austin with his "deband filter (Introducing a new filter: "Deband").

There are others working in various areas (Pull requests · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub), and although it is a small fraction of what Dan and Brian are doing it still helps to improve the product. One guy is producing a dynamic GPS filter for MLT, to see the suggestions and help he’s been getting from Dan and Brian see https://github.com/mltframework/mlt/pull/703 and new GPS text filter UI by dany123 · Pull Request #1120 · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub

Modiying code, especially code written by someone else, is not easy. I’ve been doing it for over 50 years and although object-oriented programming languages have simplified the process it still requires quite a bit of effort. In many cases though it is helpful just to be able to get pointers from the inital code developers rather than full-blown tuition. So don’t be put off diving in and trying to help.

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