Voice overs

Each time I hit the microphone to record new instructions for my video it wants me to create a new file. I did find a post about this. Here is what they said.

Apparently someone had sucess with this and I sort of understand but… Where is this XML File they are talking about? How do I find it and how do I view the code that needs to be fixed or changed? I have done a few videos and some of them automatically created new files for the voice overs and some want me to create a new name each time.

Please when you answer “I know NOTHING” I am hopeless, careless, useless, clueless and can only do the things you give me specific steps to follow.

Those technical XML instructions are only necessary if you have a project that was not created with a project folder and you want to add one later after you have started.

I strongly recommend to just start a new project (and do this EVERY time).

See the instructions here:

Just type a project name and click “Start”.

I suppose that sometimes you created a project folder and sometimes you did not.

I kept messing with how to fix it and just finally gave in and named each voice over since it would have been way much more work to build a whole new video. Here is the video.

I will mark this closed. Thank you!

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