Record Audio asks for file name every time

I am recording a voiceover but each time I click the Record Audio icon (mic) I get the choose file location/name dialog box.

Is this normal behaviour? Is there a way to create file names automatically in a set folder location?

System: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS 64-bit
Shotcut version: 22.12.21

It is the default behaviour, to ask for a filename to record to, IFAIK there is no way to get around that

I think I saw somewhere about how setting a project folder would prevent the popup. Not sure how to do that after saving the project.
In this video the popup does not appear: Shotcut How To Record Voice Overs! | Shotcut Tutorial - YouTube

I think it may have something to do with default folders.

Yes, if there is a project folder, it generates a file in the project folder for you. The only way to make a project use a project folder later is by editing the XML: add the line
<property name="shotcut:projectFolder">1</property>
AFTER the last line containing <tractor (assuming you use the timeline in your project).

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The last few lines in the .mlt are now:

  <property name="shotcut:projectFolder">1</property>

Was the “1” supposed to be a path? Or are project folders relative to the mlt location?

I’m still getting the same behaviour when recording audio - I need to enter a file name for every click of the mic button.

After <tractor... not </tractor>

A. I should read things properly
B. It worked!!

The property was already there. I changed the value from 0 to 1 and it now records a voiceover#.opus file in the same folder as the mlt file without a file name/location prompt.

Not necessary but am curious…
Is it possible to set a subfolder for these recordings? e.g. Audio

Thanks for your quick help!

No, but you are encouraged to copy or move any media that you manually add to project into this folder, and then it makes a lot of sense to use sub-folders. We just have not yet added these layers of complexity into the app.

That’s my process currently.
I typically have subfolders:
/Output Files

Thanks again. This was a great help.

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