Video fade in/out durations unintuitive

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OS X 10.15.7

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Latest (updated today)

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Add any video or PNG image to timeline and apply filter “fade video in” (or out) and it defaults to duration. “00:00:01;00” Pres “-” to go shorter and it jumps to “00:00:00;29”.

I guess this last number represents duration in frames? It should be labelled whats going on as this was very confusing at first, or better yet have separate labelled boxes for duration in frames and duration in “human time units” and update both boxes when user adjust either.

In Shotcut the timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF = Frames)
Frames are dependent upon what Video Mode is used.

A Video Mode using 60fps would go from 00:00:01;00 to 00:00:0;59 going back 1 frame. (FPS = Frames Per Second)

Not a bug.

Your post is similar to this one:

Im am pretty much positive this is UI design bug. Would be pretty trivial to show it more user friendly fashion while still keeping precise adjustment frame-to-frame.

@jupet this hour:minute:second:frame timecode format is pretty much the standard used by cinema and television. I bet you’ll find it in most if not all video editors.

This is just one of many things you’re expected to know when you edit videos.

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The timecode used by Shotcut is exact. Any other convention based on fractions of a second is not. e.g. 1/60th of a second is 0.01666666666

So for 60fps you would ge from 00:00:01;00 back to 00:00:59.9833333333…

As others have stated, this is not a bug because it is working as intended.

However, it is a common request to display times in seconds instead of timecode. This item is on our roadmap:

  • configurable time format with a non-timecode default