Fade out Video duration keeps resetting + only allows specific values

Shotcut 22.04.25 and prior versions.

It’s something I’ve been observing for quite some time, but I can’t reproduce the cause:

  • Most of the times I can set a custom duration and save it as default, in my case 00:00:00:30, without any issues
  • Sometimes that isn’t possible:
    ** Default will be a different duration
    ** Duration can be set from 00:00:00:02 - 00:00:00:24, but if I increase it once from 00:00:00:24 it jumps to 00:00:01:00
    ** Any value in that range of 00:00:00:24 - 00:00:01:00 can’t be used or saved

What is your Video Mode FPS set to?
What is the FPS of your clips? (click on a clip, then Properties)

Shotcut’s timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF = frames).

This is not a problem.

The last 2 digits are a frame count, not a time. You are running at 25fps, so the frame count goes from 00 to 24, then it resets to 00 and increments the seconds by 1.

I always took that as milliseconds, and not frames.

But even so: it still doesn’t explain why I can set 00:00:00:30 most of the times, and other times only 00:00:00:24, even though I always do the same:

  • Recording at 1440p, 60 FPS with OBS
  • Using Shotcut’s proxy editing with the proxies also having 60 FPS each

Video mode was the suspect: no idea how I managed to set it on 1080p, 25 FPS.

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