Very short cinematic drone footage with rapid video cuts to drum beat

I’ve given credit to Shotcut in this short cinematic video of a local abandoned Mine Chimney. If anyone is interested in how I made the “staccato” cuts with the drum beat in the middle then please let me know and I might do a quick tutorial but it is very straightforward so maybe no need for me to post.


Great editing, @Cagier Footage and music in perfect sync. Wouldn’t mind seeing your tutorial but only if you have time to do it!

I agree with @jonray, great editing and superb shots. I would also like to see your method of synching cuts with the music.

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@Cagier, without wishing in any way to hijack your thread, this type of footage reminds me of a post I made here a while ago Might be useful for someone:

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Hey @jonray, yes that’s very useful. It is a similar effect and technique. I suppose that if I do manage to do something further on this it will focus on how to get the right number of jumps, frames and how to synchronise them exactly with the drum beats. I like your use of AHK to implement that effect! Thanks for the link to that thread.

I’m very impressed at how smooth the video is given the fast movements of the drone. No strobe effect.
You nailed the exposure on that one.

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Cheers Austin. I used an ND filter on the drone as I knew I would be filming into the sun during the sunset for some of the shots (and then locked the exposure once I was happy with it). It came back a little dark, especially in the shadows, so I had a bit of work to do in post before I was happy with it. The temptation was to blow it out a little and it is maybe a little noisy in places but it worked out okay. As the shots were all similar enough I got lazy and just used one color correction across the entire track in the end!

Also, the drone wasn’t always necessarily as fast as it might seem as a few of the shots are sped up. (We spoke about frame rates and speed increases before and in the end I find the best way to avoid any stutter is to stick to even multiples so some shots are just x2 or x4, etc…)

Thanks for nice feedback!

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