Creative tip - How to create a "JUMP" video effect, good for aerial shots

Hi folks,
I came up with a technique to produce what I’ve called a “Jump” effect using Shotcut in conjunction with Auto HotKey and an AutoHotKey script I wrote.

The effect is similar to @elusien’s excellent “Jitter” filter here, full details: ,

although the principle is slightly different. My method involves cutting out several 1-second sections of a clip, leaving 4-frame sections in between.

I’ve been testing it with aerial landscape footage because I think it is highly suited to that type of video.

I’ve made a tutorial video (sorry, I hadn’t got time for a voice-over so I’ve used subtitles on this one). I plan to put an extended version of it on Youtube, maybe with a voice-over and with a few more explanations, soon, but I’d value feedback from anyone here first :

My 3 AutoHotkey scripts: JonRay Shotcut JUMP effect Auto HotKey scripts (3 scripts).zip (1.8 KB)

Points to note:

  1. The effect can be achieved without using AutoHotKey (AHK), entirely by using Shotcut keyboard shortcuts - however it would be extremely tedious. The AHK script simply runs a series of Shotcut keyboard shortcuts one after the other.

  2. The AHK script can be easily adapted to change a) the number of frames in between each section which is to be deleted, and b) the number of times the process is repeated.

  3. I have attached 3 versions of the script for anyone to play around with - all having 4-frame advance, but each one having a different number of times the process is repeated (4, 6 or 8).

Hope someone finds this useful - enjoy!

[Edit - to see the video at a larger size, select the link below the preview window above, not the preview window itself.]


What a nifty approach to shorten a clip without just cutting out one big part :+1: . It is quasi a zoom-in effect or, as you describe it, a jump - in space and time :wink:. It has similarities to the Jitter effect but with one second intervals removed, I would say it is substantially different. The use cases are just not the same.
You can expand the explanations, but I think that is not necessary, since the script does most of the work.

Hi @samth, good to hear from you, and thanks for the feedback.

Now that’s a good description - or in fact it could be a quasi-pan effect, or even a quasi-zoom-out effect, depending on the direction/movement of the aerial shot itself.

Actually I’d like to ask if anyone knows if this effect has a standard recognised name in video editing parlance? (I just called it “Jump” without doing any research into the name…).

I agree. The Jitter is especially good for music/dancing videos, as @drm showed in his excellent demo here, but the JUMP effect wouldn’t be good for this because of the 1-second cut-outs.

I like it! Very trendy. I don’t know a standardized name for this effect, but it looks like a “Time Stutter” to me because that’s more generic than assuming the video has a zoom or a pan in it.

I suppose you could say that this technique is an example of a “repetitive jump-cut”.

Thanks @austin and @elusien for your comments, and suggestions for the name of the effect. I like both “Time Stutter” and “Repetitive Jump-cut”. I will add this information to my tutorial.

the downloaded the hotkey from the link but i don’t know How to use.

Hello, Elusien
Thank you for your “JITTER” filter which I downloaded from your post regarding “How to create a” JUMP "video effect.
But I have some problems.

  1. you mention that you have to install “jitter” for W10 in:
    Programs files \ shotcut \ share \ qml \ filters
    but in my computer shot is installed in:
    Programs \ shotcut \ share \ shotcut \ qml \ filters
    is this normal? should it be installed in programs files (84)
    So I installed “jitter” according to the installation of shotcut in my computer (upper mention)
  2. I can’t find the “Jitter” filter in the video filters?
    Where is my mistake, please.
    Thank for your help.

Great technique. Very creative!

(Note: Windows only…)
Download and install Auto HotKey.
Right-click one of the AHK files.
Select “Run Script”.
In Shotcut, position the cursor at the beginning of a clip.
Press CTRL/J.
Sit back and have a coffee while the cursor zooms around…

Thanks! :grin:

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