Create jitter effect

I have created a “jitter” filter that I think does what you are asking. If you would like to try it and let me know if that is what you were looking for it can be found here:

The instructions on how to install it for Shotcut on your system are included on the webpage - Enjoy!


Looked at the video.
You want a posterize time effect.
Can be done.

Using the jitter filter by @Elusien you can make a very reasonable posterize time effect.

Nice job. Another fine filter.:+1:

Great! Especially on how quick the turnaround was! :grinning:

The advanced keyframes though have a problem where they literally go off the scale when the values are changed. Here’s a demo.

Thanks for pointing this out. The keyframes code has been giving me problems with several filters. It is my understanding of that code rather than the code itself. I found a bug in the way I was doing things and fixed that, but it looks like I’ve introduced another in doing so. I’ll look into it, but it may have to wait till tomorrow.

You’re welcome! You do great work so I’m excited to test out the filters you post! :grinning:
Have you seen the bug regarding the Sniper filter that I pointed out yesterday here?

Again, it’s my misunderstanding of how the slider position interacts with the slider scale, e.g. % = x100 the parameter range e.g. 0.1 to 1.0, the slider value and the parameter value.

It’s a case of me now doing some experiments to nail down the various equations once and for all. When I’ve finally done that I’ll update all my filters.

That jitter filter from Elusian worked perfectly! That’s it exactly! Might want to rename it though to something more accurate like “stop motion” or “posterize time”. Thank you for the quick turn around! Is there a catalog of all unofficial filters out there somewhere?

I have put all of mine on my website at:

along with other resources such as HTML Overlays, webGL transitions, video credits and CSS3 animation support.

@sauron has collated some for people to download - see:

Combining the Jitter filter along with Elusien’s other filter, Persistence, can achieve some pretty interesting effects.

Here’s a demo I just did with both Jitter and Persistence:


yeah, that’s cool!

Wow, @sauron, that is brilliant. Plus I love that song!! :+1: GREAT WORK!! @elusien, these are 2 brilliant filters!! Thank you so much.

It’s spooky - I was working on a similar effect myself over the last few days. I’ve called it the JUMP effect, and I did it not with filters but using Shotcut in conjunction with an AutoHotKey script. Here’s a very short demo showing the effect. I’m just making a short tutorial on how I did it. Will post the tutorial and AHK script asap.

Fixed the jitter filter’s key frame issue. The maximum in meta.qml was set to 10. Changed to 60. (4.9 KB)

Added it to google drive.

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Just got back from golf and saw this. Silly me. I initially thought of setting the maximum to 10 then decided on 60 as that equates to 1 second at 60fps, but only changed part of the code. Thanks for taking the time to find and fix the bug. I will update the Zip on my website so it’s in sync with yours on Google drive.

You mean my “Smooth Criminal” video?

Oops, so sorry, @DRM, yes, I thought @sauron had done it. Total senior moment there, apologies. Must pay more attention to who posts things! Great example of the Persistence and Jitter filters. Thank you. :+1:

No worries, @jonray. Thank you for the kind words.

And @sauron, thanks for fixing up the keyframe issue on Jitter! :+1:

Hi @drm, just wondering what values you used for your Jitter and Persistence filters on your Smooth Criminal video? And I imagine the preview was really slow with both filters applied?

Also - (off-topic a little) have you heard the version of Smooth Criminal by David Garrett, violinist? No better than MJ but interesting and different…

In that MJ-Video, I guess to see a ‘smooth’ transition effect. What made it?

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