Version 21.09 now available

Version 21.09.20 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This main purpose of this version is to fix a major new bug in previous version 21.08. We hope for this to become the new recommended stable version.

  • Fixed dragging to Timeline broken if there is MLT XML on the clipboard (broke v21.08.29).
  • Fixed seeking backwards after seeking to the end (broke in v21.08.29).
  • Fixed File > Save (Ctrl-S) immediately after File > Close (Ctrl-W) can corrupt a saved project.
  • Fixed Add Custom Video Mode > Frames/sec was not accepting some legitimate values.
  • Fixed encoding HEVC without hardware encoder (x265) would always output 10-bit instead of 8 (broke in v20.11.28).
  • Changed Copy the filters to only copy enabled filters.
  • Changed fading on the Timeline to automatically fade the opacity when it is not the bottom video track.
  • Expire old QML cache items at startup to reduce app data footprint.
  • Added 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic video filter.
    This can be used to create so-called Tiny Planet videos.
  • Improved performance of 360: video filters.
  • Added 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic video filter.
    This can be used to create so-called Tiny Planet videos.

Wonderful! I have been contemplating whether or not to try 21.08, but sounds like I did well to wait until 21.09. Question: should I wait a little longer (e.g., until the decision is made on whether to name this as the recommended stable version)?

I realize as I ask that there is probably no single answer to that question … :frowning:

You could just install 21.09 as a portable install. Then you can use 21.09 without affecting your previous installation until you are satisfied yourself that 21.09 works well enough for you.


That’s what I’ve done.

Good point!

Has anyone used the .LRV as proxies yet? I’m not sure on what to expect. Shotcut Proxy is enabled. I have both the MP4 and .LRV files in the same folder, then bring in the .mp4, drop it into the timeline and a proxy is created. Should a proxy be generated in the jobs list at this point? If I view that proxies resolution, it’s different than the resolution of the .LRV.

Is that what I should expect?

No, it should just start using the proxy. What are your MP4 and LRV file names. Maybe they do not conform to the expected rules.

That’s what I was thinking. They are both the same file name with .lrv and .mp4 respectively.

Edit: Actually I lied, they are

GH011054.MP4 and GL011054.LRV

Are you running version 21.09.20 and not 21.09.13?

Hmm, sorry Dan, it’s 21.09.13, I’ll get.20

That’s a great feature, thanks :+1:

Please be aware that before Hero 10, the LRV aspect ratio is not exactly 16:9. It is 848x480 with sample aspect ratio of 1.0 making the display aspect ratio 848:480 = 1.7666… instead of the 16/9 = 1.7777… This will make it look a little funny at times, for example, if you put a clip with proxy a video track above another, then some video from below will bleed through the sides. The Hero 10 changes this to 768x432 to address this, but also I made a change for the next version to detect the older LRV and correct the aspect ratio.

Noted and old .LRV correction is appreciated.

@shotcut Could you possibly extend the GoPro .LRV file proxy to include DJI .LRF files?

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