.LRV Proxy (again)

As a continuation of earlier threads regarding the use of LRV files as proxies. Such as

How does ShotCut associate the .MP4 with proxy .LRV and where does it look for the .LRV?

  1. If my first project has original GoPro file names and a second project has changed GoPro files names. In the second project the renamed MP4 (GX00.MP4) and LRV (GL00.LRV) are, as and example, 123GX00.MP4 and (123GL00.LRV or 123GX00.MP4) ShotCut does not seem to be able to associate the files and a new non-LRV proxy is created. Is there something about the original GoPro file naming convention that is necessary or parts that need to be retained for the proxy association to remain stable? Is the GX for MP4 and GL for LRV important?

  2. Putting the renamed LRV file in the same folder as the renamed MP4 or in the project proxy file does not seem to create the proxy link between MP4 and LRV. Where should we put our LRV files?

Thank you for any insight

Yes, the second character in the file names almost always differ. It does not work to simply have a file with a different extension in the same folder. You must keep the original camera-generated file names together within a folder.

Thank you much! very helpful to know.

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