V23.05.x cannot open BIG JPEG pictures anymore

windows 10 64bits

shotcut 23.05.14


  1. create a new project
  2. drag and drop a JPG picture on the video track
  3. select this JPG object in the time line
  4. look at the property panel : it’s the wrong panel: we see the “video” properties. it should be the “photo / picture” properties (and it’s now impossible to check the “image sequence” because it is not shown!)

(note : if i open an old project created with a previous version, i can get the right property panel when i select an image sequence in the timeline.)

thank you!

Can you share a screen capture?
With the JPG image clip selected and the Properties panel open?

I get the proper properties when I select a JPG (Windows 10 also)

thank you for your answer. I did some more tests, with the old version.
I think the bug should be renamed “shotcut v23.05.x cannot open some JPG formats

here are some screenshots.

if i import the JPG with the old version, the object is well created in the time line, and the new version sees it as an “image object”, and can display the right properties BUT cannot show the picture!

my jpg file is quite big, 42Mpix, from my camera… but shotcut has always been able to read it since 2 years i use it!

It is regular jpg, no special codec. i’ll send you one .

if i take a small JPG from internet, shotcut reads it without problem.

here’s my original JPG:


I had the same problem with your image.

I opened it in Photoshop and saved a copy of the same size, with a different name. Same problem when importing it in Shotcut.

Still in Photoshop, I then reduced it’s size to 3000 x 2001 pixels and saved it.
It opened in Shotcut with no problem.

Could it be that Shotcut 23.05 can’t handle huge JPG images while the previous version could?

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yeah… i guess it’s the problem… we could do some more tests to try to find out if the problem comes from the big resolution, or the file size…

thank you for your time!

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I’d say the big resolution is the problem
The first copy I made had the same resolution as your original, but a much smaller file size (2.7 MB instead of 21 MB) and it didn’t work in Shotcut.

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yeah, you are totally right :slight_smile:

Sur Mac, je peux l’ouvrir avec les anciennes versions de SC, mais j’ai le même problème que vous avec 23.05

On Mac, I can open it with older versions of SC, but I have the same problem as you with 23.05

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OK, thanks. We use the Qt library to read images, and it probably regressed in this area in this version.

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Yeah… Let’s hope they will fix it soon! :+1:

I experience the same issue; just after update to 23.05.14; all JPEG in an existing project are white; playback runs haltingly.

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Interesting note: the file works for me in Linux, but not in Windows.

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Maybe a difference in the qt library…?

Same issue here. Should a bug be submitted for this? As someone that taking 4k resolution images, importing full sized images is a must.

Look at the top of this page where it says “bug.” A 4K image is about 9 M pixels and and not a problem.

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Hi @shotcut, Awesome, glad to see that this is known. Please excuse the ignorance - I’m new this forum with a whopping hour under my belt :slight_smile:

Correction: the images I have are 8256x5504 and are 10.5-13mb each. This is what I see (see screen shot). It’s exactly what @MusicalBox is showing:

Some observations:

  1. When I load this image in, the thumbnail across the application doesn’t generate for the Playlisted image. While I was going back in versions to the one that worked, I knew I found the right version when that thumbnail generated.
  2. Shotcut is assuming the Codex MJPG which is weird since these are only JPG’s straight from my camera. Modifying the Track to “None” doesn’t help, nor does modifying the codec.

I went back to 22.10.22 to get this functionality back for my needs. Note: I went back two versions that failed, skipped a few, then found that this version was working.

For additional testing, if you would like a copy of one of these large JPG’s for troubleshooting please let me know. Happy to contribute.

Thank you!

I am not denying the bug. Before you said “4K” which is 3840x2160 (or 4096 wide). Now, you show something much higher. It can be beneficial to downscale an image larger than 4K, and there are other special use cases for very high res too. But for many people, where the majority of the image can be used, a workaround us to reduce resolution. I do not know exactly where the resolution fails, but I have one open now at 5568x4872 that is opening as a proper image. So, somewhere between that and yours.


This problem was reported in Qt bug tracker

And due to QImageReader Class | Qt GUI 6.5.1

Fixed for next version where I increased max uncompressed image size to 1 GB and successfully loaded a 21600x10800 image.