V20.04 BETA is now available

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • We are only interested in major regressions over recent versions (v19.12 and newer).
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • Not everything reported will be fixed before release; only what the developers consider critical.
    We are not trying to fix everything possible during the beta but only the most critical, blocker bugs.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • The beta period will end by April 12.
  • There will only be another beta released if there is a critical problem that needs confirmation from testers after the fix.
  • The actual release may add some low risk fixes and additions (e.g. new preset) over the beta.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


I’ve read, I’ve tested, I enjoy :smile:
Thank you, thank you very much!
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Short question…
Can it be that the behavior of ALT+MouseMove has changed?
With that Beta and if I press the ALT key and move the mouse the seeker moves also…
I’ve had a view in the keyboard shortcuts and I couldn’t find it…
This behavior is IMO not so good…
That behavior is bad! :frowning:

I suggested the change because Shit+Mouse clashed with multiselect. I made a whole thread about it here:

It’s also explained in the release notes for this beta:
Changed the keyboard modifier for skim to Alt (Option on a Mac). This prevents Shift (previous modifier) when selecting multiple clips from changing playhead position.

I also believe changing it to Alt for this makes sense because Alt is already used as the key to move the playhead in other shortcut keys. Alt+ left or right arrow moves the playhead to the start and end of clips and Alt + [ or ] moves the playhead according to simple keyframes. So the change is actually consistent with what’s already established.

@shotcut, is this Corner Pin filter based on frei0r.c0rners? Because if it is, the way that this is exposed in Kdenlive (i.e. Corners) is far better than in this beta. In Kdenlive it has rectangle control. Here it has none. Also, because it has rectangle controls it means that all the movements of the corners are represented with just one keyframe column which is far more preferable than the 8 separate keyframes that are found in this beta which is quite cumbersome to manage.

Also, how about changing the names of the parameters from “Corner 1, Corner 2, etc…” to “Top Left, Top Right, etc…” for clarity’s sake?


This behavior is s----y, for the mouse!
I have several tracks, and I have a special time/place where I stop the replay and I need to scroll up or down, and seeker position is gone.
Resize: If you are nor exactly over the end or the beginning of of a part (video/image in the timeline) the seeker is “gone”.
No, please, this behavior for the mouse is sh—y! Reset, PLEASE!

Or, maybe, you set a “space” where it starts, you know what I mean, e.g. 50 px, if you move the mouse more then 30 px, then seeker pos is changing.
I mean, no one is using that “feature” for searching less then 50 px, isn’t it?

What are you using Alt for when you are scrolling up and down tracks?
And what do you mean, scrolling up and down tracks? You mean changing which video track you have selected?

Scroll vertical?! (What a question?!)
I have often 7, 8, 9 tracks and I often need to scroll up and/or down, and every time the seeker position changes…
You have maybe 2, 3 tracks, yes/no?
Try with 7 tracks and the ALT key, and you know what it’s meant.

There’s no need for an attitude. I honestly did not know what you meant.

Maybe the shortcut key for seeking with the mouse can be modified to be Shift+Alt+Mouse?

Answer yourself the question if you’re using “only” 2, 3 tracks…

And what about STRG+ALT?

I don’t know how the European keyboards are but for me on the left side of the keyboard there is a key in between Ctrl and Alt so pressing Shift+Alt together is slightly easier. But it’s not a big deal for me either way.

I’m sorry to come back to the subject that was covered in another thread.
On Mac, the combination Shift + MouseWheel does not work.
However, the combination Shift + MouseMove works.
Maybe it’s due to my old computer or OSX Capitan?
Despite the modification of the last version 20.04 BETA, the operation is not correct.
To obtain correct operation, I had to:

  • In the Timeline.js file I replaced Qt.ShiftModifier by Qt.MetaModifier in lines 120 and 126.
  • In the Keyframes.js file I made the same modification in lines 83 and 88.
    To make the operation identical in the Keyframes window, I replaced Qt.ShiftModifier by Qt.AltModifier on line 200 of the file Keyframes.qml

It works as follows:

  • MouseWheel only = Vertical scroll
  • cmd + MouseWheel = Horizontal Zoom
  • alt + MouseWheel = Vertical scroll
  • alt + MouseMove = Move the playhead horizontally
  • ctrl + MouseWheel = Change the height of the track.

Have you try MouseWheel only ?
On Mac, it scroll up and/or down, without any change for the playhead

everytime i install with the all the options on (remove old program and remove shotcut registry), it will shown up with ‘Filter’ on the top left side, i used to install Shotcut and the default is ‘Playlist’. i dont know whether this is already become a default or its a regression.


  1. the bar is in the timeline is no in the same line as the Master Box on its left side AFTER i accidentally using Alt + Scroll (i dont know what shortcut is that), then try to shorter/taller the Timeline.

  2. the playhead is keep going running away, not in the center, when i try to zoom in (Ctrl + Scroll)
    im using the 20.02.17 version in Windows 10, and i run right after install Shotcut.

i dont know is this a bug, or it is intended to be like that. thanks

Text HTML is broken. None of the templates work.
LUT(3D) is not working as well.

Samples.zip (365.5 KB)

The Samples zip file contains an HTML file created by @jonray that works with V20.02.17. I’ve also included a LUT that works with V20.02.17.

Mask from file filter does not work with custom transition MP4, PNG, jpeg or PGM files.

This is only affecting the Widows Beta. The Linux Beta is not infected with these bugs.

Confirmed. Here are a few more of my HTML files, each using Elusien’s Webvfx JS file. They work in 20.02 but not 20.04 (tested on Windows).
More sample HTML files by JonRay.zip (34.2 KB)

Text HTML is working on Mac OS

This is normal and has been this way for a long time. When you remove the registry settings you are removing your personal layout and resorting to the install default, which is this way. It is the same as View > Layout > Timeline Project. Whether that layout can be improved is a separate discussion from this beta thread because it is not specific to this version and will not be changed for this release.

I reproduced that, but it is minor and will not be addressed for this release.

This is normal and by design. You have to turn on the option in the timeline menu Center the Playhead, which is not enabled by default and you said that you removed your settings from the registry.