Change Keyboard Shortcut To Seek/Scrub With Playhead

While doing multiselect there are many times where I would place the playhead exactly where I want the clips to be moved so that I can snap them in an exact spot. The problem is that it’s very easy to move the playhead away because Shift+mouse will have the playhead go into seek mode and jump to wherever the mouse is. So it’s very annoying when I press Shift to pick the other clip at the end and the slight movement of the mouse makes the playhead move position. Having to be extra careful for something so simple shouldn’t be the case.

How about changing the shortcut key for seeking/scrubbing with the playhead to Alt+mouse?

I agree this is a problem, and I was sad to give up the convenience to access the Shift key, but Alt is working. Even though Alt is used to temporarily suspend snap when dragging, thankfully it does not skim in that mode. This is changed for the next version 20.04

When the mouse hovers over a clip it turns into an open hand. When it’s not on a clip it’s an arrow. For extra security, is it possible to program it so that when the mouse is over a clip and Alt is pressed that’s when it disables snapping and when it’s an arrow and Alt is pressed that’s when it goes into seek mode? Does that make sense?