"Two lines perspective" filter set: New file available for the "2160p, 30 fps" Video Mode

As requested here, I made a version of the Two lines perspective filter set
that works on the 2160p, 30 fps Video Mode.

Here’s the file:
TEXT_MB__2-lines-perspective_4-seconds_2160p_30fps.zip (935 Bytes)

For the instructions, read the first post of this thread:


again, thank you for the alazing work.
there is only a small problem, in rendering with this filterset, SC only uses one core. and i suspect that it does that in editing too. in editing with this filterset SC becomes very very laggy. you have to wait about 5 or 6 seconds before the changes you made become visible in SC.
is there anything that i can do about that?

thanks again for the amazing uploads

This filter set uses the Corner Pin filter and a Blur filter. Both are know as resource hogs.

Turning Preview Scaling ON will help.