Filter Set | TITLE: Two lines perspective

I’ve seen this text animation in a few YouTubes videos and I’ve been wanting to replicate it for a while now. Well, there it is. Hope you like it.

You need Shotcut version 23.05.14 (and up) to use filter Sets.
This filter set will works on projects with the Video Modes listed bellow.
If you need versions for other Video Modes, leave a request in the comments bellow.

HD 1080p 30fps: (956 Bytes)
UHD 2160p 60fps: (945 Bytes)

How to install a filter set:

  • Download the ZIP file and un-zip it.
  • In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show
  • If you don’t see a filter-sets folder, create one (use that exact name).
  • Open the filter-sets folder.
  • Move the un-zipped file in that folder.
  • Close and re-launch Shotcut. Your new filter set should be visible in Filter > Sets

How to use:

  • Add a 4 seconds transparent clip in the timeline.
  • Make sure it is selected and go to the Filters panel.
  • In the Sets category, choose the 2 lines perspective set.
  • Put your own text in the two Text: Simple filters.

Merci à nouveau pour ce tuto. Cordialement

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I really don’t know what to say about such creativity. Tell me, do you never sleep? Bravo! Here’s a magnificent modern animation :+1::clap::+1:

Je ne sais vraiment pas quoi dire devant tant de créativité. Dites moi, vous ne dormez jamais ? Bravo ! Voilà une magnifique et moderne animation :+1::clap::+1:

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Bravo, @musicalbox - truly excellent, and VERY useful to me and others. Fandabidosi!! :wink: :laughing:

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Thank you for the kind comments @Epsilon85, @SergeC and @jonray.
I’m glad you like it.

@SergeC I do sleep a lot in fact :smile:
But we’re in the middle of a heatwave here and I can’t stand this hot, humid weather. :sweat:
So I stay indoors, with the air-conditioning set to maximum :cold_face:

@SergeC je dors beaucoup en fait.
Mais nous somme au beau milieu d’une canicule ici et je supporte très mal le temps chaud et humide. Alors je reste à l’intérieur, la clim réglée au maximum.


@MusicalBox Thank you. I think I’ll take your precious advice.The cold must stimulate the neurons. Can be? :thinking::thinking:

@MusicalBox Merci. Je pense que je vais suivre votre precieux conseil.Le froid doit stimuler les neurones. Peut être ? :thinking::thinking:

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@MusicalBox is a national treasure, whatever that nation is. Maybe ShotCutNation. Stunning creativity, and even more than that, a willingness to do so much for people, and with top-notch accuracy and aesthetic quality. May you be here in these forums for the next 50 years! :slight_smile:


Another winner! Is someone storing all of these in a library somewhere?


@Reagan, @bentacular
Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to post those nice comments.
I appreciate it.

The Resources category here is a library with tags like title to make for additional categorization.

Spot on. Whenever I read a post by @musicalbox, it is always creative, useful and informative…


Well, thank you guys! I don’t know what else to say :slight_smile:


Nothing - just take a bow :smile:
hoffnung take a bow


As requested in a YouTube comment, I added a UHD 2160p 60fps version of the filter set.

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Brilliant - such a useful filter. Thank you so much

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You’re welcome @robridge
Thanks for the feedback. :+1:

Incrível, muito prático e didático seu ensinamento. Fiz todos os passos, porém algo deu errado, pois não aparece lá no Sets, o que eu poderia ter feito de errado?

Hello @Marcia_Soeiro
Did you shut down and relaunch Shotcut? That step is required to update the Sets list.

Sim, fiz isso. Testei várias vezes. Talvez o erro foi no descompactar a pasta zip, na verdade não sei, vou testar de novo. Conferi minha versão do shotcut, e possuo a mais atual. Obrigada pela sua atenção.

I’m not at home, so I can’t check whether the Set file I uploaded here has a problem.
Have you tried other Sets? If so, do they appear in Shotcut > Filters panel > Sets?